Temple Israel Vandalized by Nazi Douchebags

Just a week ago, Temple Israel in Long Beach was rededicated after major improvements were made to the synagogue complex at 269 Loma Ave. "Improvements" added last night were not improvements at all but disgusting swastikas and slogans sprayed onto the place for worshipers from greater Long Beach and nearby OC.

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Here is a letter explaining it all to the 500 families-strong reform congregation:

Congregants have been reacting with words of sadness and solidarity on the temple's Facebook page, which has done a solid job of informing the public about what happened, temporary office changes and what's ahead.

Graffiti that included anti-Semitic words spray painted in red about 2 feet tall on the white front wall was spotted by a passer-by who called police around 10:30 p.m. Monday. The hate-crime investigation continues, and anyone with information is asked to contact the Long Beach Police Department Violent Crimes Detail at 562.570.7250, Los Angeles Crimestoppers at 800.222.TIPS, by texting TIPLA or visiting lacrimestoppers.org. Anonymous tips are accepted.

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tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

We don't support or negociate with terrorists but we support and negociate with terrorists - John Kerry


Painting a swastika on a synagogue is a sure way of pissing off a lot of people.  Unbalanced individuals crave this type of attention even those who have no political aim at all.  Chances are the perp  fit this category.


Might I suggest the Jew haters at UCI....


Seeing as how the perps haven't been convicted, caught, identified, or even described yet, how do you know they were 'Nazis' (whatever that means). Given the story below, couldn't it also be some lefty riled up about Israeli 'apartheid', or maybe some Arab/Muslim, or whatever? Maybe the slogans give a clue, but since you are too coy to actually tell us what they are, we have no info this was a 'Nazi'.

Pennys Parents
Pennys Parents

Because Long Beach is just so chock-full of nazis... In fact, OCWeekly should keep beating the nazi dead-horse like it was 1992... Nazis everywhere. Watch out, people. Nevermind gangsters of any other race, crackheads, mental patients on the loose, corrupt officials, & bored school kids... Somebody still thinks nazis are alive & relevant. Easy headlines.

Kevin J As Initial
Kevin J As Initial

Is "douchebags" something you learned in journalism school? OC weekly is a purely satirical publication people, not newspaper.

Josh Foote
Josh Foote

Vandalists for hire! We'll tag anything you want, for a price....

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