The Five Best Wins for Democracy in Orange County Last Night

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You're going to read a lot about our experiences last night tomorrow, when the dead-tree edition of this infernal rag appears. Today? A buncha lists breaking down what was a giant win for Democrats last night, but also conservative victories that ensure this county is slowly, truly becoming an egalitarian place for all.

And so...ROLL CALL! We'll bust out a lot of lists today, but first: the five best wins for democracy in OC last night, a night we're having trouble remembering due to the massive hangover throbbing through our brain...

1. Fullerton's Measure W loses
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Coyote Hills

Measure W would've allowed the development-happy city council to allow tracts on Coyote Hills, one of the last untouched spots in Fullerton. Chevron owns dem darn hills, and spent $1.5 million convincing Fullertonians to shove in more unsightly suburbs, but thanks to a truly grassroots effort, Measure W got spanked the way Chevron has spanked its customers for the past decade.

2. Anaheim Council Candidate/Dirty Cop Steve Chavez Lodge Loses Badly
Get that shit-eating grin OUTTA HERE!

We'll have more to say about Lodge in a coming post, but just a quick reminder: Lodge was the Disney-backed half-Mexican who had never professionally used his maternal surname until this election, sued for the right to use it, then explained away his past as a dirty cop who beat up jaywalkers and put innocent men in jail as just being part of the job. Despite being backed by Anaheim's corporate overlords and running on a slate with eventual winner (and ultimate tool) Jordan Brandman, Lodge finished a dismal fourth--HAHAHAHAHA!

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