The Five Best Wins for Democracy in Orange County Last Night

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Quirk-Silva: OC's next Latina political queen?
You're going to read a lot about our experiences last night tomorrow, when the dead-tree edition of this infernal rag appears. Today? A buncha lists breaking down what was a giant win for Democrats last night, but also conservative victories that ensure this county is slowly, truly becoming an egalitarian place for all.

And so...ROLL CALL! We'll bust out a lot of lists today, but first: the five best wins for democracy in OC last night, a night we're having trouble remembering due to the massive hangover throbbing through our brain...

1. Fullerton's Measure W loses
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Coyote Hills

Measure W would've allowed the development-happy city council to allow tracts on Coyote Hills, one of the last untouched spots in Fullerton. Chevron owns dem darn hills, and spent $1.5 million convincing Fullertonians to shove in more unsightly suburbs, but thanks to a truly grassroots effort, Measure W got spanked the way Chevron has spanked its customers for the past decade.

2. Anaheim Council Candidate/Dirty Cop Steve Chavez Lodge Loses Badly
Get that shit-eating grin OUTTA HERE!

We'll have more to say about Lodge in a coming post, but just a quick reminder: Lodge was the Disney-backed half-Mexican who had never professionally used his maternal surname until this election, sued for the right to use it, then explained away his past as a dirty cop who beat up jaywalkers and put innocent men in jail as just being part of the job. Despite being backed by Anaheim's corporate overlords and running on a slate with eventual winner (and ultimate tool) Jordan Brandman, Lodge finished a dismal fourth--HAHAHAHAHA!

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Wow -- I agree with 4 out of 5 items, all but on Agran.  (I think that Irvine, and probably the Weekly as well, will come to regret this result within a year.  Time will tell.)


I also agree that, with a mere 43.6% of the vote (probably 44% or so when the provisionals are counted) in SD-29, after spending less on my campaign (not including $5500 on ballot statements) than my opponent did on post-primary campaign literature alone,  I have indeed proven myself to be the Worst. Candidate. Ever.


I do hope that you patch things up with Sharon, though.  She deserves your fair coverage.  And these are great times ahead for north OC.


We all need to be mor afraid that the dems have a supermajority in both houses in the state legislature.... Every fucked up social issue is gonna get rammed through and go ahead and kiss prop 13 goodbye... They will start with corporate property taxes forcing more businesses to leave the state... pushing unemployment higher and in turn voting for more entitlements for the unemployed. And then after they wring corporate owned property dry they'll come after private property which will CRUSH the housing market and price old people out of their homes...


Obama and his retard minions will deliver the following: Iran will go nuclear, even more of the 67% of all new job growth in the U.S. currently going to immigrants (instead of U.S. citizens) will increase, the sprawling welfare state will expand further, the deficit will increase another $4-$6 trillion over the next four years while cities across the nation begin to consider bankruptcy, trade will stay broken and work against American workers, morality will break down further, secret treaties under negotiation will be passed dramatically curbing your liberty, higher taxes, etc...  You obviously want ALL of this if you voted for the obummer and he's going to make sure you get it.... in memory of his dead anti-American absent father.


The strange thing is I agree with three things here (W, V, Agran), don't know enough about Chavez, and am not too upset at seeing Norby go down, if he does.


The usual paradoxes apply -- Republicans love to 'privatize' (V), but those private contractors hire illegals who will vote out the Republicans (or their children will). Progressives want 'high wage'/good benefits jobs, but somehow have convinced themselves that adding to the labor supply via mass immigration doesn't force down wages.


Likewise, 'Progressives' want to preserve open space (W), but somehow forget that people need to live somewhere, and that adding millions of immigrants means more hills graded.


Now, (with all due respect to Sharon)  if she will just lead with a spine in place.


" It will mean that Democratic Party of Orange County chair Frank Barbaro will have to admit that the future of his party is Latino"


So racialism is okay for 'Latinos', but god forbid some anonymous twitter user make a #votewhite hashtag.


 @Mitchell_Young"people need to live somewhere, and that adding millions of immigrants means more hills graded."


a) Immigrants don't live in the hills

b) there are no hills left to grade (thank God we saved the last few, for now)


Problem solved.

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter



@Spanky@Mitchell_Young  "

"there are no hills left to grade (thank God we saved the last few, for now)"


Maybe in Fullerton, but that just pushes the problem out to, say, Silverado Canyon. As a county resident, it seems to me more important to preserve the larger sections of undeveloped land out there than an isolated hill in Fullerton. 




 @Spanky  @Mitchell_Young  "Immigrants don't live in the hills"


I've explained this before. The Brits even have a word for it -- 'knock on effect'.


Sure it will be the mostly native born moving to the new development. But part of the reason they do that --a big part -- is that their aging flatland neighborhoods become barrios, rather than, say, undergoing redevelopment for the people, and children of people, who lived there in the 1970s, 80s etc.


It's really not that complex, more people need more houses, as even immigrants aren't going to want to squeeze 2-3-4 families into a house, a la Santa Ana.


 @GustavoArellano  @Mitchell_Young No, but white Democrat politicians are doomed.


BTW is she even 'Latina' -- Silva is a Portugese name, and looking at her campaign page, her four kids ( maybe that makes her Latina!) look decidedly caucasian.


 @GustavoArellano  @Mitchell_Young

  @GustavoArellano, your comment above has me cracking are great, I needed a good story with some positive spin and your comment is icing on the donut.  Thanks!

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