[UPDATED with Conviction:] Saul Jose Salazar Guilty of Fatally Stabbing Mom's Tenant

See the update at the end of this post on Salazar being convicted.

ORIGINAL POST, NOV. 8, 10:32 A.M.: A man with a history of crime and a restraining taken out by his mother for the violence directed at her is scheduled to stand trial today for murdering her house guest.

Saul Jose Salazar, 29, of Santa Ana, could get up to 16 years to life in state prison if he is convicted of murdering 33-year-old Leopoldo Antonio Verdugo Cabrera, who died after a knife was plunged into his chest in October 2010.

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Salazar and Cabrera argued late the night of Oct. 3, 2010, because Salazar did not like the fact Cabrera was living in Salazar's mother's Santa Ana apartment. Cabrera was stabbed several times in the upper body that night before stumbling into someone else's apartment, asking for help and collapsing. He was rushed to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where he died. Salazar was also treated at a hospital for cuts he sustained to his hands before being jailed for Cabrera's murder.

Santa Ana Police logs show Salazar's mother twice phoned cops--two days before the attack and earlier the same day--concerning domestic disputes involving her son at her apartment on Fairview between Edinger and Warner avenues.

In this case you better not call Saul: Salazar was already well known to law enforcement by that night, having twice violated restraining orders obtained by his mother and been imprisoned for felony drug possession and misdemeanor burglary and possession of burglary tools. He'd also previously been jailed for separate incidents of: DUI; misdemeanor battery; misdemeanor battery and injury to telephone lines; and felony accessory after the fact.

Salazar is charged with one felony count of murder with a sentencing enhancement for the personal use of a deadly weapon. His trial in Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana was originally scheduled to begin in August, but his defense won a delay, the Orange County District Attorney's office explained at the time.

UPDATE, NOV. 26, 3:30 P.M.: A Santa Ana jury today convicted Saul Jose Salazar of one felony count of second degree murder with a sentencing enhancement for the personal use of a deadly weapon.

He faces up to 16 years to life in state prison at his scheduled Feb. 15 sentencing hearing, according to a statement from the Orange County District Attorney's office.

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Well said Lucy... Too bad no one is willing to further investigate.


Saul is not an animal! The way that time is given is insane, and in the case total bullshit!!  yes murder is wrong,i strongly believe that, but this wasnt a instance where someone picked up or got out a knife and killed the other it was extreamly different because it was self defense! Sadly however being that Saul did have a messed up past as most men in this particular area do have no one would have bothered to investigate better or even listen and for a minute consider his innocence  they would have been able to clearly understand as well as had to support the fact that Saulito did not kill Tony. #1. The "small injury" that was hardly mentioned being that.Saul got treated for before getting booked was on his right hand because that same poket knife <belonging to Tony>that was the murder weapon, stabbed Saul thru his hand entering into his palm and exiting on the opposite side because  as he was being attacked he put up his hand to block the blade being directed at him by the so called "victim"   # 2. the actual stabbing took place In the upstairs bedroom all the way, up two sets of stairs where Saul was laying in his bed because that was his bedroom  that Tony had absolutly no reason to be in other than to be attempting to harm Saul whyelse would he have journeyed out of Lourdes down stairs bedroom around the corner and up 2 sets of stairs to find himself in the upstairs bed room. because Tony was staying in Lourdes' bedroom with her and there is a bathroom right across the hall from that bedroom, giving the "victum" no reason that he should have been upstairs. And the evidence that this did happen upstairs is that Tony trailed blood down the stairway on his way back down. if it had happened how described then why after being stabbed would he have ran up the stairs causing the blood in the stairway and as well as the bedroom wall. Futher more each bathroom had its own color theme the one downstairs was yellow and brown and the upstairs being baby blue and brown; in a attempt to stop his hand from bleeding he grabbed a towel off the towel rack leaving behind blood along side of it on the wall and wrapping his hand in it while Tony made his way back down the stairs after haven being stabbed with the same weapon that was forcibly taken from and used against him in the efforts of self defense. Staggering as he exited the front door and then finally collapsing in the doorway of the next apartment home. 911 had already been called by Saul's family. Then; knife still in his possession Saul fled the scene, but in effort to clear his name as well as explain he returned to the scene with the weapon that if he had done something wrong he would have gotten rid of but he didn't feel that defending himself was wrong and he proceeded to turn himself into an office as the other person  being involved and gave them the knife and was arrested, treated for his hand that was still wrapped in a blue handtowel.  It sucks that because you have a criminal history you automatically loose all credibility. and now he sits in a cell in lancastor to rot for 16 to life meaning he cant have family visits or hold his kid or be with his family. When he should be here with us!!!


Maybe it was self defense.. Maybe "the guest" was provoking Salazar, but assumptions got him 16-life

949girl topcommenter

"Sentencing enhancement for the personal use of a deadly weapon?"  Isn't that how most people are killed, with a weapon?  If he used his bare hands and strangled him he'd get less time? 


@ma_gomez82  for a crime that he did NOT commit!! ppl should really get their facts straight.

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