[UPDATED with Charges, Arraignment Details:] Rachel Mae Buffett, Ex-Fiancee of Double-Murder Suspect Daniel Wozniak, Held

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See the update at the end of this post with details on Rachel Mae Buffett's arraignment and the case against her.

Rachel Mae Buffett
ORIGINAL POST, NOV. 20, 5:06 P.M.: The former fiancee of community actor-turned-suspected double murderer Daniel Patrick Wozniak has been arrested as an accessory to the slayings of 26-year-old Samuel Eliezer Herr, who was executed and dismembered, and 23-year-old Juri Julie Kibuishi, who was shot at point-blank range after being lured to Herr's Costa Mesa apartment.

Bail has been set at $1 million for Rachel Mae Buffett, 25, of Irvine, according to a Costa Mesa Police Department statement.

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Daniel Wozniak
Police in January also arrested Timothy Wozniak, the 38-year-old brother of the accused, as an accessory after the fact, and charges were filed against him by the Orange County District Attorney's office, which is seeking the death penalty for Daniel Wozniak.

Buffett, who was scheduled to marry Daniel Wozniak within the week of his arrest, "has been within the focus of this on-going investigation over the past two years, and has been previously contacted and interviewed by detectives," reads a statement from Lt. Paul Dondero of the Costa Mesa Police Investigations Bureau.

"Detectives compared information obtained in those interviews, with information gleaned from interviews of other witnesses, as well as additionally aspects of the investigation, and determined the was probable cause to arrest Rachel Buffett as an accessory after the fact in this murder case," Dondero continues. "Specific information regarding her involvement is not being released, and the case against her will be presented to the District Attorney's office."

Sammy Herr, R.I.P.
Wozniak, who resided in the same apartment complex near Orange Coast College as Herr, allegedly murdered the former Army soldier May 21, 2010, in the base theater of the Joint Forces Training Center in Los Alamitos. Wozniak is accused of then partially dismembering Herr and leaving the torso in an attic space of the theater where he was appearing in a production. Herr's head and hands were found after a three-day search of nearby El Dorado Park Nature Center in Long Beach.

Late the same night Herr was murdered, Kibuishi was dining with her brother when she received a text from her friend Herr's cell phone number asking the Irvine resident to come over to his apartment because he was having relationship problems.

Julie Kibuishi, R.I.P.
She was later found fatally shot in the head in the bedroom of Herr's apartment, where she had been sexually assaulted. Police and prosecutors now claim Wozniak killed Kibuishi and staged the scene to make it appear Herr killed her and fled.

As police searched for Herr, they discovered transactions with his bank card were being made at ATMs throughout Long Beach. A 17-year-old boy was later caught using the card, and he told investigators Wozniak put him up to it. The part-time Orange County theater actor was arrested May 26, 2010, at his bachelor party in a Huntington Beach restaurant.

District Attorney Tony Rackauckas convened a death penalty advisory committee before announcing his office's decision to seek capital punishment for Wozniak.

UPDATE, NOV. 29, 12:38 P.M.: Rachel Mae Buffett is scheduled to be arraigned in Santa Ana Friday morning on three felony counts of accessory after the fact, according to a statement from the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA).

Buffett, whose pending wedding to Daniel Patrick Wozniak was canceled due to his arrest for two murders a week before the scheduled ceremony, "is accused of lying to [Costa Mesa Police] officers, propagating the false story that Wozniak told police about Herr having problems with his family, with the intent to assist Wozniak avoid and escape from arrest, trial, conviction, and punishment for the felony."

Conviction could land Buffett in state prison for three years and 8 months, the OCDA says.

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What about the truth? She killed Samuel Herr and her crazy brother Noah, killed Julie to try and cover it up. Daniel got involved with the wrong family and loved the wrong girl. The Buffett siblings are dangerous! I really hope they get caught before the wrong man gets put to death. It will be another unnecessary death at the hands of the Buffett killers!!


She deserves twice that much time for being involved in a murder like this.  She better hope she has a good lawyer


@949girl -- You don't think lying to police officers investigating a heinous double murder case that was carried out solely for financial gain is a big deal?!?!  It's absolutely a big deal; even more so since the accused was engaged to the person who did the killing so he could pay for HER wedding.  Also, you say three years max?  Keep in mind that if she is convicted, the sentencing would no doubt be on the heavier side when the callousness of these killings is taken into consideration.  As for the bail amount, this article is inaccurate; as per the OC Sheriff's website, bail has been set at $100,000.  It's one thing to lie to a cop investigating a hit and run or theft, it's something completely different to lie to cops investigating a brutal double murder for financial gain where dismemberment, etc are involved.

949girl topcommenter

ok big deal, she lied to the cops afterward.  Sounds like they should focus on Daniel Wozniak instead of trying to scare her in to testifying against him.  It still seems like a high bail amount for someone facing 3 years in prison max.

949girl topcommenter

@1234 Bail was originally set at one million, it has been reduced since her first court appearance.  So it was accurate at the time of the original post. 

She is being charged as an accessory after the fact so I do not believe that she knew anything about the murder beforehand.  I do believe that she probably lied afterward when she found out her fiancee/the man she was about to marry was being questioned to help him out, really.. who thinks their love interest could be capable of such a thing?  And it wasn't to pay for HER wedding as you boldly put, it was to pay for THEIR wedding...don't blame her.  As you pointed out that sentencing would be on the heavy side of the maximum, so 3 plus years as the author stated.   I honestly believe she had no part of the crime, maybe she lied about her fiancee's whereabouts because she was trying to help him because she was a young girl engaged to a sociopath who was manipulated or scared etc.  Let's focus on the real alleged killer Daniel Wozniak and don't drag some poor girl who was engaged to him.  Maybe we disagree on the idea of  being charged with accessories after the fact.  Plenty of people of lie to cover for people, it doesn't mean they had any part of the crime.  I believe the DA needs a victory for the Wozniak case and is trying to scare/intimidate her in to testifying.  If this is such an open and shut case then the DA and detectives should have no problem getting a conviction.


What you are saying is pretty far out to me.

why would anyone put yourself in suchs a bad situation,where you have to lie about a double murder and dismembering?

Im sorry but i don't think your right in your head.

Do you find it ok against the killed persons family to sit and lie about it?to send the police on a wild goose chase?

Shame on you

The police and DA seem to think the same as i and a lot of other people do.

There are only 3 reasons to lie in a case like this.

1.you did it or are in on it.like hiding evidence or any other active help. 25-life atleast in my book

2.you knowingly keep very important information from the police,lying about things to throw the police off and send em on a wild goose chase. 15-25years in a case like this ,in my book.

3.you are retarded or insain.

Then you need help.institusiolized or what ever

But she isent retarded,insain or in any other way mentally challanged.

So dont pull the little naive girl card.

Seriously get real.

In my book from what i read and heard she is guilty some way or another.


@949girl @1234 Apparently, we do disagree on the seriousness of lying to cops investigating a case like this.  There comes a point where there's a moral obligation to not cover up for somebody.  Also, it's not just one charge, it's three -- Three separate accessory charges on three separate dates.  It will be interesting to see what the evidence reveals -- I can't see the DA filing three counts if there's not sufficient evidence to support the charges.

949girl topcommenter

@1234 @949girl I do not believe she deserves prison time if she lied on three occasions.  It's dangerous for me to think you can face prison time if you lie, that's my stance.

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