Octomom Nadya Suleman Extends Orange Rehab Stay Another Month, Her Reps Claim

Octomom Nadya Suleman has reportedly extended by 30 days her rehab stay, which can only mean she must have more DD-list showbiz work lined up miles away from the Orange addiction facility.

After all, shortly after the single, unemployed mother of 14 checked into Chapman House, she was off to Tennessee to appear in a parody music video for $1,500, providing there is a price for one's dignity.

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Now, to back up, Suleman may or may have not have signed on for another month in rehab, because it was her "management" team that reportedly shared that "exclusive" with RumorFix. As close followers of this sad train wreck know, you believe what Natalie's reps say as Israel believes what Hamas' reps say.

Suleman originally entered Chapman House in late October for Xanax addiction, according to her reps, who--in the face of renewed (and successful) calls for another Child Protective Services visit to the children--later revised that to say the in-patient was checking in to learn how to deal with "anxiety, exhaustion and stress" without the use of prescription medication.

"After 30 days Nadya will be coming home three days a week with staff from the Chapman House and then returning to the facility," the rep reportedly tells RumorFix. "Nadya's first visit home will be Thanksgiving Day. She is looking forward to being home and spending time with the kids for Thanksgiving."

It's about time someone did.

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Whoops! it was Rumorfix that reported all that stuff on the kids. I guess they were trying to fix the rumor that she would NOT use her kids. Use away Natalie and co.


Ha, now her management thinks it is a better idea to start using the children. TMZ reports their single is out and now have a gig for charity which could advance them to paying gigs. These people have no souls. Two porn  people leading the lambs to slaughter for their own gain. Merry Christmas.


@tinabe2 Gracias for rt!


Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like peace in the Middle East, and freedom for the fourteen Suleman hostages, held for ransom so Mommy Dearest could get more goodies.


Who could have guessed that the process of abandoning all these kids would end up being so grotesque and yet in the long run the best possible option for these kids. It has become clear finally that Suleman's interests reverted to what why always were .Breeding babies for others  to take care of while she uses their welfare  benefits to pay for being compulsively chopshopped. Who knew cosmetic surgeons would end up being so good at enhancing nothing but karma?


And considering that there is no one who will "rescue" this sociopathic grifting breeder from her own kids but the one kind person who she tried to trash.


But Gina Bryson will prevail . Good and truth often do when it comes to helping trapped kids.

As sure as the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar, Nadya Suleman will figure out that she can have a lot more fun being a carefree mother of merely five who can be fobbed off yet again on her parents while she frolics, I mean, pursues the onerous burden of fauxlebrity.(Autistic Aiden has no doubt already been shut up in a home somewhere). And then she will be on Gina Bryson doorstep with 8 in tow.  Waving goodbye through a rosy xanax haze, God willing.


CPS probably in two different counties and the police are already breathing hard down Nadya Suleman's neck.  And that involves more and more checking into her Johnny Appleseed level of a pharmaceutical past. And also into the various baby daddies pasts. Not to mention the virtuous example that is Backdoor Gina the Manager who seems to be so greed-blinded she has clean forgotten that the older kids can and will tell. Prompted more and more as they age and realize the easy rewards to them for doing so..

 Perjury, anyone?


I guess you can still Twitter TMZ from a jail cell. So that won't be too bad for her. I wonder sitting in her cell whether she will consider just when it was she should have scraped bottom and run.  Probably the day before she spoke with Gina Bryson, all things about to be very closely considered.



Suleman went to rehab because a video's of her drunk and wanting to drive with kids in the car surfaced, and she had to get out of dodge.. She is now dealing with the LA, CPS, Not the Orange County CPS. There have been 2 investigations of child abuse against Suleman since she left LaHarbra and moved to Palmdale. Her Manager, Gina Rodriguez is spinning this to look like poor over worked Nadya was stressed out. Her Manger is about as low life as Suleman. She is now using the Suleman/Soloman kids to try and make a few bucks on the side. This so-called Manager of Octotrash is an ex-porn performer. 


Since her  check- in to Chapman House to dry out, clean up, or whatever lingo her manager has fed to the gossip sheets, Octomom has traveled out of California, been seen out to dinner in Studio City. Some ReHab Huh ??


In the mean time all of the 14 kids are spread hither & yon, being cared for by hired help of some sort. This has been the plight of these poor children, farmed out to other adults to be raised. This is Mother of 14 children who according to 1 Nanny has never been seen doing any sort of housework. Never seen washing a dish, never seen sweeping a floor, never seen folding clothes. But, Nadya Suleman does excel in one specific area, GRIFTING, in fact her Manager is also a grifter. Nadya & Gina should change their business name from GRMedia to Grifter's INC.


Way to go Matt.  Too bad other reporters don't check their facts the way you do.  Maybe you can look into why she can travel around the country and go out to eat but she's not allowed to go home to see her children.  Either she doesn't want to see her kids or someone with power over her isn't letting her.  Inquiring minds would like to know what's really going on.


Matt, this whole rehab thing sounds fishy to me too. IMO, Nadya was rushed out of sight into rehab because of Gina Bryson's video evidence of Nadya drunk and wanting to drive her children home (Oct. 30 article in Radar Online). It smells awfully like damage control by manager Gina Rodriguez. Nadya's father Ed Doud was hidden away in "rehab" too on the same day -- why? To keep him quiet? The red flag is that the Chapman House facility in Orange is OUTPATIENT, according to their own website information. They have "partial hospitalization," which is still day treatment. Where is Nadya at night? Hotel room? Apartment? (And where is Ed?) Apparently she can come and go as she pleases -- she was seen eating out at a Panera restaurant on Ventura Blvd. a couple of days ago, and according to witnesses, no one from Chapman was with her in Tennessee. It's doubtful that Chapman will be sending "staff" to chaperone her when she makes her visits home to Palmdale, unless she is paying big bucks to have private duty nurses accompany her. This whole circus is beginning to look like a vacation for Nadya, an opportunity to get away from the kids, while Rodriguez exploits those kids in cheesy music videos and uses her employee Justin to make life difficult for whistleblower Gina Bryson, by requesting the temporary restraining order against her on behalf of Nadya's 11-year-old son Elijah. I believe Nadya really needs therapy, but for far deeper issues than substance abuse.  I hope Chapman can help her, but I predict that she will come out of "rehab" much the same as when she went in -- she will still be seeing herself as a victim of "haters" and "media lies," and she will still be convinced that getting a reality show will solve all her problems. Chapman will be lucky if they can even scratch the surface of her disorder.


MatthewTCoker topcommenter

 @DunnDDone OMG, please let me use "sociopathic grifting breeder" in the future!



What I don't understand is how you haven't used it all along.

It is the obvious core truth about this serial child abuser. The media has given her a free pass by positioning her to simply become its snarkily comic figure. Instead of the psychotic career criminal who continually parasitically preys on children that she really is. ..

.And now this has metastasized by her pimpette "manager", who is basically her Evil Twin, come crawling out from under the bottom of the barrel. 

Who could ask for anything more.

Backdoor Gina. All the parade-float proof you'll ever need that Karma exists.

It will be Bimbo vs. Godzilla when they have their inevitable final showdown. 


You, Matthew, have got the opportunity to publicize this complex, sad and fascinating story.  And help 14 children out of the tragic misery they never asked to be in.

Don't waste that  chance.

This should have always been about the children. They are paying the price for the media's mistake.

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