Octomom Nadya Suleman's Former Volunteer Babysitter Fires Back Over Restraining Order

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It was a busy weekend at Octomom Nadya Suleman's pipe organ (a.k.a. TMZ), where a statement was released from the former La Habra resident/current Orange rehab guest stating Michael Lohan had nothing to do with her treatment, that her father has also entered Chapman House for alcohol addiction and that her oldest son has taken a restraining order out against a vocal critic of the single, unemployed porn star and mother of 14.

One target fires back in the Weekly.

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First, the statement released Friday reiterates what Natalie's peeps have been saying: that Lindsay Lohan's father was not part of the decision or planning to have the mother battling--take your pick--alcoholism/Xanax addiction/anxiety/exhaustion go to rehab. Suleman's former porn performer manager, Gina Rodriguez, has claimed Dad Lohan only supplied Chapman House's phone number.

Next, Suleman's father, Ed Doud, who had left a message on the answering machine of former volunteer babysitter Gina Bryson of Rossmoor expressing concern over his daughter drinking and driving with her children on board, checked into Chapman House for a 28-day alcohol detox, TMZ reports.

Bryson is the former caretaker Suleman says her son Elijah Solomon took out a restraining order against because Bryson began leaving the 11-year-old "psycho calls and texts" after she was fired over the summer. Camp Octo has fingered Bryon as the former nanny (who they claim was not a nanny) who has passed allegations to the media and authorities about Elijah sexually molesting his younger sisters and watching porn, including his mother's solo masturbation video Octomom Home Alone.

As TMZ reports that an unnamed judge has prohibited Bryson from contacting Elijah or getting within 100 yards of him, Suleman's legal eagles are supposedly getting restraining orders against Bryson on behalf of two more children.

As you'd no doubt suspect, Bryson does not see things the same as Camp Octo. She explains of the restraining order in an email this morning:

I was surprised not to see it on TMZ Friday morning, I guess they waited for today since social media traffic is higher. I am also shocked that they are willing to blatantly lie to court officers as there is ZERO proof that I have ever harassed any of Nadya's children. It is one thing to make up lies to sell to TMZ but perjuriously filing a restraining order can result in criminal persecution and jail time. When being served the sheriff's deputy expressed to me that I was the first person he had served that that seemed happy to receive a Temporary Restraining Order from him. I told him I had some faith in the justice system and the truth on my side. As far as being fired, of course another lie, I have never been paid even though I volunteered many thousands of hours taking care of the children over the last 3 years. It needs to be said that I am a "Mandated Reporter" which requires me by law to report ANY suspected abuse, which I have multiple times a couple months ago.

Nadya is a sick woman that has her definitions confused as she has claimed that I was obsessed with her children; the correct verbiage is love, I do love them and will continue to try to protect them against their mother's neglect, abuse and OBSESSION to use them to make a profit from.

As the Octomerde turns . . .

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Matt, I bet you thought you were through with this POS when she moved to Palmdale. Keep reporting the truth. Something has to be done to rescue these 14 unfortunate, abused and exploited children. Thanks for all you do.


How about going after the truth and stop exploiting these children, which Nadya has done nothing but to exploit them. Gina Bryson has been a friend since elementary school. You will find her heart blameless in all of this, but instead, you are spreading negative rumors about her just because Nadya is trying to cover her own backside. How about we see and hear some truth being published and broadcasted for a change? It amazes me that the one being crucified here is the one, Gina, who did nothing wrong. All she ever did was love and provide for those children. Sure is funny how everything she has done and would continue to do for those kids was good enough for Nadya until she was finally found out to be a negligent mother. She should be charged for, at the very least, child endangerment. Or, I ask, does the law just not want to get involved due to "budget" issues in respect to trying to house all of these children. Stop making a martyr out of Nadya and start holding her accountable. Put the blame where it belongs, on Nadya. Try doing something that will actually help those children instead of joining with their mother in exploiting them.  


If Nadya Suleman's own father called Gina Bryson in a taped call asking her to look out for Nadya Suleman's tendency to drive drunk with kids in the car, resulting in Nadya Suleman PASSED OUT in Ginna Bryson's house over night, How can there be a restraining order against Gina Bryson ? Filed by and at the address of Nadya Suleman's porn performer/ PR creature Backdoor Gina Rodriguez.


Gina Bryson has a couple of major things going for her. Lots of documentation every step of the way -- including the experience of Angels in Waiting which just might come in very handy. <P>

And the fact that using the law as a means for furthering your PR agenda without backing it up truthfully is likely to get bottom feeding PR firms into seriously deep merde -- octo or otherwise. Gina Rodriguez/Jason Whatever is about to find out what happens when a judge is not amused.

No to mention the little matters of defamation and slander to a party that has only benefited this family in every possible way. For FREE.<P>


Aside from slandering Gina Bryson, the only unpaid volunteer who helped her with 8 children for years, hasn't Nadya Suleman (let's forget the cravenly soulless Backdoor Gina Rodriguez) stopped to consider how much harm this will do to her own 11 year old son??? Brought to you courtesy of the child welfare interests at TMZ, let us all remember.<P>

Elijah, just a really screwed up trapped little kid, is now put into a lose-lose position. If he tells the truth, he has now gotten major press on how he --at 11!-- is watching his own mother's porn on some gadget, not to mention everything else he was up to coming out.  If he is made to lie....well just think about the harm of forcing an eleven year old kid to have to take sides to lie about what is involved here.<P>

Elijah has since been reported to be an exceptionally angry kid so destructive that even his own mother accused him on video of creating the horrendously extensive damage literally ruining an entire large house, you can see him attempting to repaint some of it -- tagging both his own house and the neighborhood, huge holes in the walls, cabinets ripped open. You can even see him hitting and kicking some of the octuplets haplessly walking by in Nadya Suleman's own ustream videos.

And when rehab was recommended for the poor kid, reportedly Little Miss I Can't Cope So I Am In Rehab, neglected to take her own son to his own rehab appointments.<P>

Isn't it time for the probable father of this kid (who he strongly resembles) who can likely afford it and who very possibly has been publicly (courtesy of, ironically enough, Matt Coker) and professionally cited for issues about anger management, to step in and take care of his own spawn.? And, at least the other five. And any of the octuplets that are actually his too.<P>

This is so gross. I feel like I am writing about one of those loonies that collects, hoards and neglects stray cats in a filthy house. To think this is about FOURTEEN children is just so drearily chilling



A little bird said the restraining order has the porn manager's address for the 11 year old on it. Does 

the boy now reside with the porn queen where she displays her trophies or is she also an attorney now? Since when do PR managers and their minions file for minor children?

Just like Octo used the legal system in her phoney bankruptcy filing for a stall tactic then didn't follow through-but got tons of press, she is again abusing the legal system as a smear campaign-buying time and filling the time with media slurs. 


Hang in there with us, Matt, the storm isn't over.

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