Oakland Raiders Boosters of OC Get Ready for Some Football with "Violator" Wayne Mabry

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Raiders fans are used to being violated. Bad offensive lines, uninspiring quarterbacks, NFL brass, hanky-happy refs, thugs who wear their jerseys, Raider-hater color commentators, the Ghost of Al Davis, the Ghosts of Al Davis' Poor Decisions and--especially--opposing teams all contribute to this feeling of violation. It's small wonder the most-rabid fans wear spikes all over--anything to make the painful violating stop. Well, on Sunday, we can cry in our breakfast calzones with a violator who shares our violating pain: THE "Violator," Wayne Mabry.

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"Violator," who one suspects passes out his own trading cards like Gorilla Rilla, Raider Gloria and other famous costumed fans do, will emerge from the Black Hole to descend into Larry's Pizza of Fullerton, where he will hang with the Oakland Raiders Boosters of Orange County.

Everyone there will--or had better--cheer on the Silver and Black as they clash with the Cincinnati Bengals. "Hey, a team we can beat for a change!" my fellow Raiderettes may be saying to themselves. While not exactly an NFL powerhouse, the Bengals with five have two more victories than we do, and they are coming off two straight wins, although one of those was against the hapless Chiefs, who even we beat. Once.

Ah, hell, a win is a win and we just need wins, baby. Game time Sunday is 10 a.m. If you don't know how to dress, don't bother showing up. Here is the flier:


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