CHP Cited Orange County DA's Top Adviser For DUI After Halloween Festivities

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The California Highway Patrol cited Mike Schroeder--the top personal adviser to Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackaukas and a former chairman of the California Republican Party--for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol after this year's Halloween festivities, the Weekly has learned.

Al Stokke, Schroeder's lawyer and an elite member of the local defense bar, said that his client was cited and released in the wee hours of Nov. 1 on the 55 Freeway near MacArthur Blvd. heading in the direction of Costa Mesa.

"The officers were entirely professional and [Schroeder] fully cooperated during the incident," said Stokke. "I have not yet received all of the material on this matter. As soon as it is received, he will deal with it responsibly."

No other details are known at this point and Schroeder, an attorney himself who owns an insurance business and is married to Rackauckas' chief of staff, was not available for comment.

To avoid a conflict of interest the matter will be handled by the California Attorney General's office.

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1. Booked, cited and released at the CHP Santa Ana office. Why was he not taken to OCJ as is normal procedure? Special treatment?


Maybe attorneys Kent and Jill Easter facing "other proceedings" tomorrow morning (11/16/12) at 8:30 am, in Dept. C5 of the OCSC, and attorney Michael J. Schroeder, will find a sympathetic Orange County Superior Court Judge that will empathize with the fact they are all licensed to practice law in the State of California, with lots of Orange County teflon coating build-up, from years of knowing "How to Escape and/or Buy Justice" in the OC.


This has all the earmarks of a pre-emptive leak from Mike Schroeder. It was going to come out, so do Moxley a favor by giving him the story first, and get a subdued, neutral OCW story in return. None of the usual RSM snark and slash. Masterful.


Interesting information.... 2 weeks to report and we can all be sure that OC District Attorney Rackauckas' Chief of Staff, Susan Schroeder, would have NEVER allowed a DUI arrest of one of his/her political adversaries to remain SECRET for 2 weeks. Think about the DA press releases Mrs. Schroeder has issued upon an arrest, before trial and before a conviction to guarantee she and her boss TRack portray some type of image involving the public's protection. My guess is.... we will never hear another word about Michael J. Schroeder's DUI arrest after today. We will never learn the results of his blood alcohol level and most likely, any charge whatsoever will be reduced to "reckless driving". Too bad that OC citizens recognize that justice is only for sale to the highest bidder and most powerful member of the Republican GOP.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

The 55 and Macarthur is Costa Mesa? Seems Santa Ana-ish to me.


Scott,  Any possibility of a mug shot? 

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@Spinner I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver a new Snark & Slash Power Pack. (Do you know that CA now collects tax on these orders?) Anyhow, thanks for pointing out that I broke the story!


@RebelGirl Please send an email and ask her to post her husband's mugshot.... afterall, Mrs. Schroeder never has a problem posting mugshots of individuals arrested for similar crimes....

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