Luis Alberto Pineda, Youth Soccer and Karate Coach, Guilty of Sex Acts with 10 Boys and a Girl

Luis Alberto Pineda could have 255 years to think about the disgusting things he did to 10 boys and a girl he met through coaching soccer or teaching martial arts in North County.

That's the maximum prison time the Anaheim 31-year-old faces after a jury found him guilty Monday of more than 20 felony counts and three misdemeanors involving sodomy, oral sex, assaults, sexual penetration, lewd acts and attempted sex acts on children.

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After five boys in the North Orange County Youth Soccer Premier League and Moo Yea Do Martial Arts in Fullerton reported Pineda molested them, he was arrested by Anaheim Police investigators on Aug. 5, 2010. Publicity about the bust prompted the other victims to come forward.

Pineda's dirty deeds happened after practices, games or while taking his players out to movies or dinner. He sodomized and orally copulated a 14-year-old boy outside a Fullerton business while taking him home after karate practice. Pineda forcibly sodomized an 11-year-old boy on the way home from soccer practice. Over a year in December 2007 and 2008, Pineda groped a 9-year-old girl, putting his hand between her legs, down her pants and under her shirt. He fondled and masturbated several of the kids over and under their clothes.

The jury found him guilty of 17 felony counts of lewd acts upon a child under 14, two felony counts each of sodomy by force, sodomy of a person under the age of 16, oral copulation of a minor under 16, lewd acts upon a child, one felony count each of oral copulation or sexual penetration with a child 10 years old or younger and attempted lewd act upon a child under the age of 14 and three misdemeanor counts of simple assault and sentencing allegations for substantial sexual conduct with a child and committing lewd acts on multiple victims.

According to an Orange County District Attorney's office statement, Pineda is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 6 in Santa Ana.

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"Moo Yea Do Martial Arts in Fullerton"


You sure that wasn't Sum Yung Gai Martial Arts?


 @Mitchell_Young That's Tiger Yang's karate studio. You know Tiger Yang, the guy that helped Muhammad Ali train for a fight so long ago (I can't remember if Ali won or lost that fight). I goofed on the Tiger once in the early 80's. I put on a leather jacket and marched in there after he opened his studio (in those days it was near CSUF) and started aggressively demanding answers about how Bruce Lee died... lol. I really did this.


He was actually being polite but he had a look like, "WTF!?". It was then I noticed the two enormous male rots in the corner. It's customary that when these guys open a new studio, they always put a couple attack trained guard dogs in there for the first few weeks to give them an edge in case another instructor takes offense and comes in to drive them out. I decided taking on Tiger and his two rots if things got out of hand wasn't going to end well for me so I wrapped up my self-imposed interview and went across the street and got a burrito at Carmels (no longer in business).


Tiger actually fielded one of the first MMA fighters and if you like the old kung fu flicks Tarantino expouses, you'll enjoy his old films too.


Tiger must be getting old now but I'd still think he rip out your nuts and shove them down your throat if he HAD too. His demeanor is positive; however, and he's been liked since immigrating here.This Luis Alberto anchor is obviously a first-class dirt bag of the highest order but he left Tiger's studio many years before. If anything, the discipline he was under at the studio kept his personal problems from manifesting until long after he moved on to soccer "coach."

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