[UPDATED: GRUMBINE STILL BEHIND BARS] Joe Grumbine, Medical Marijuana Activist, Arrested in Long Beach

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*See the end of the post for an update on today's court hearing and photos of today's protest.

Original Post, Nov. 13, 12:52 p.m.: Joe Grumbine, the medical marijuana activist (and OC Weekly cover story subject) who was charged and convicted of selling pot in Long Beach last year only to have his case thrown out because of judicial misconduct, was arrested this morning.

According to other activists with Grumbine's medical marijuana courtroom-support group The Human Solution, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies arrested Grumbine when he appeared in court for a scheduling hearing on his new criminal case. They cited a traffic stop that occurred near his house in Riverside County a few months ago, in which Grumbine was found to be carrying marijuana. 

Details on that incident remain sketchy, although supporters claim the amount of marijuana was legal under state law. However, apparently this violated the terms of Grumbine's bail, because the judge rejected his current bail, increased it to $250,000---more than the county recommends for child molesters, kidnappers and rapists, activist Cheri Sicard points out--and remanded him into custody. 

The next hearing in Grumbine's case is scheduled for November 27. 

"Please mark your calendars," Sicard writes in a Facebook alert. "We need to PACK that courtroom."

Stay tuned for updates as more details emerge.

Updated, Nov. 27, 2:10 p.m. Two weeks after being arrested at his last hearing, Joe Grumbine remains behind bars. A small group of supporters gathered in front of the Long Beach courthouse shortly before his hearing this morning, and then watched as prosecutors argued that they needed more time to determine that the $250,000 bond that was secured for Grumbine's bail was not from drug money. (Grumbine's supporters claim the amount was in fact raised by a wealthy donor who put his Newport Beach mansion up as collateral). 

Grumbine "looked ragged in court and wasn't cheerful like [the] last two bail hearings because he knew he wasn't getting out," said one supporter. "I think they are trying to punish Joe hard enough to make him cop a plea to avoid a very embarrassing second trial. Hopefully he will outlast the bastards."

Grumbine's next court hearing is scheduled for Dec. 11. 

Here are some photos of today's protest courtesy of Larry King. 

Larry King

Larry King

Larry King

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We prepare to go to court tomorrow Dec. 11, '12 again. To our amazement Joe Grumbine remains incarcerated. Watch for more on this bizarre case to follow or come to court to see what is happening with your own eyes.


Joe G's remanding was somewhat of a surprise. The November 16th appearance in Judge Jean's courtroom was expected to be a routine day of motions in preparation of Joe's re-trial. He was NOT there to answer new charges as this OC Weekly story states. As Joe's neighbor, I knew about the incident that led to the violation of bail conditions. Two months ago, he was pulled over in his car and apparently had a legal amount of medicine. Joe was not arrested for it and has not been formally charged to this date. Yet, the DA asked for and received a bail revocation. It is my understanding that when bail is revoked, exonerated and then raised, the defendant is to be allowed 48 hours to secure the new bail amount. Judge Jean clearly showed his bias against Joe when he was immediately handcuffed by the deputies and taken away.


His friends and family have been working hard since Joe's jailing to meet the bail demand of a quarter million dollars. Thanks to former Congressional candidate, Steve Collett, Joe will be released in a few days. Mr. Collett is a staunch anti-Prohibitionist who is putting his money where his mouth is by putting up his beautiful mansion on the beach for Joe's bond. Joe would have been out yesterday except for the obstructionist rules of a property bond which are made up on the spot it seems. Mr. Collet coincidentally had an appraisal done for his mansion three months and four days ago. It was decided that three months exactly was the cutoff date for acceptance. There are no written guidelines for the appraisal date. Just whatever the clerks behind the glass say. The mansion was valued at $4.8 million. Maybe they were worried it lost more than $4.6 million in value over the last ninety days. The new appraisal will take place today because Joe's friends have some special connections. Joe will be bailed out no later than next Wednesday, maybe sooner.


Well Long Beach, do you ENJOY having your tax dollars thrown down the same rathole?

Judge Sheldon was such a fuck-up that Joe Grumbine's previuos case was thrown out.

Now they'll trot out another Judge in another "Kangaroo Court" and waste another 3 MILLION!

When will our so-called "leaders" realize the jig is up? When will we vote these A$$HOLE$ out?

Thankfully Nick Schou was on the case. Looks like I'll be doing some more artwork soon.

Until then, join The Human Solution. www.the-human-solution.org Let's FREE Joe Grumbine!

Like the man says, "Nobody Should Go To JAIL for a PLANT!" Not Aaron. Not Joe. Noe Ever!


This is just a blatant disregard for Prop215 and S.B. 420 as Joe has done everything to follow the Laws of the State of California! These Judges and D.A.'s are not respecting the will of the People of California at all. What a waste of tax payer dollars and this is just taking away from the important issues.. Rape, Murder, Kidnapping!

paullucas714 topcommenter

One no longer has to wonder why we are in a financial crisis in this state.

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