Diane Harkey Faces Assembly Voters Tuesday, Those Suing Her for Fraud and Abuse Always

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Those suing state Assemblywoman Diane Harkey and her husband for alleged elder abuse and investor fraud learned last week the civil court trial has been delayed yet again. That spared the Dana Point Republican the indignity of having to face jurors while facing voters Tuesday, when she seeks reelection in the 73rd District.

But those claiming Diane and Dan Harkey burned them are still trying to get the word out to her constituents.

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Indeed, litigant Kurt Sipolski approves this message to voters, as he's the one who emailed it over to the Weekly:

As you head to the polls to elect responsible and ethical people to look after your monies, please remember this about Assemblywoman Diane Harkey. Diane is the Vice-Chair of Appropriations as well as Revenue and Taxation Committees. She is also being sued for fraud and Elder Abuse by 80 seniors for $40,000,000, and virtually every single investment she and her husband Dan have made with their company, Point Center Financial is failing.

If she stands on her record, what kind of record is it?

Harkey first got elected to the Assembly, and previously tried to win a state Senate seat by claiming she financed her campaigns with money she earned during her "six-figure" banking career. But it later came out that $16,000 of her campaign funds came from three developers who received millions in loans from her husband's Aliso Viejo investment company.

The assemblywoman claims she, her husband and the developers did nothing wrong or, at least, unlawful. But the Securities and Exchange Commission launched an investigation into  Point Center Financial in 2009.

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This is tired old rhetoric that is going nowhere. What a waste of time.


Notice of Harkey's success at gaining this final delay, successfully postponing the need to face jurors until past Election Day, came out weeks ago (as reported You Know Where.)  That she's been able to get this close to Election Day without getting substantial grief over it is a testament to the selective weakness of our local media.


(Good idea to spike that previous story, Coker.  You're not involved.)

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

 @GregDiamond Wow, Bloviator involved in yet more pointless political AND media analysis? And issuing a vague threat to Coker? What a pathetic idiot times a trillions...

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