Incarcerated Ex-OC Congressional Candidate Sues OC Weekly For $75 Million

Coker-esque at staff picnic
Here at OC Weekly World Headquarters in Costa Mesa we've known for eons that colleague Matt Coker is sadistic.

Season after losing season, Coker--an award-winning, veteran journalist--periodically makes himself wear Oakland Raiders paraphernalia to the office as if he's permanently stuck in January 25, 1981, the day his team last won the NFL's Super Bowl*.

But now Coker's sadistic nature is part of a $75 million libel lawsuit recently filed against him and the Weekly by former Southern California congressional candidate and convicted thief Delecia Ann Holt.

Holt, a self-styled "Republican with a heart" who is presently an inmate of the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla, claims in a handwritten complaint that a series of 2009/2010 Coker news articles about her on the Weekly's Navel Gazing blog, "defamed, libeled, invaded plaintiff's privacy, caused the plaintiff emotional distress and physical distress . . . as well as put the physical well being and life of the plaintiff, her child and her other family members in danger of retaliation by other people . . ." 

Ms. Holt at booking
Though her lawsuit does not detail any alleged falsehoods, Holt also accused Coker and the Weekly of being negligent and sadistic because they published "falsehoods" that prompted commenters to leave "malicious and aggressive" responses attached to the reports.

In Dec. 2009, psychiatric doctors determined Holt was mentally capable of standing trial and prosecutors won nine felony convictions against her for writing bad checks, stealing a Mercedes Benz from a local dealership, and defrauding Orange County hotels, four comedians and Sprint.

Holt is serving an 80-month state prison sentence, but, according to her, it is Coker's articles about her crimes that publicly maligned her character and reputation.

Ironically, the Orange County Register's Martin Wisckol originally dug deep into Holt's campaign finances to uncover many of her shenanigans, but he has not been sued. 

Candidate Holt
Holt, who is broke, wants taxpayers to pay the costs of her lawsuit, according to her filing. 

She says she has suffered $25 million in damages and deserves $50 million in punitive damages. 

"Raw indignation is a poor substitute for actual merit in defamation litigation," said Steve Suskin, legal counsel to this newspaper and its parent company, Voice Media Group, Inc. "This inmate's Complaint lacks any specificity regarding what she claims OC Weekly published that was false. The Weekly stands by the accuracy of its reports about Ms. Holt and expects the court will dismiss this case at it earliest opportunity." 

The case has not yet been assigned to a judge inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

Go HERE to read Coker's coverage that disturbed Holt.

(*Yes, yes: we know the Raiders of Los Angeles won the Super Bowl in 1984.)

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the same was done to me, when a woman, who was convicted on 10 felony charges of grand theft, forgery of an official seal and other crimes, filed a law suit against me in the same court claiming that I defamed her by publishing a true and correct copy of her convictions from the official court record. I filed an antiSLAPP motion to dismiss, as this was a SLAPP law suit, meaning strategic law suit against public participation, a flagrant attempt to quash free speech. The case is in the court of appeals now  


OC Weekly doesn't have 75 million. Gustavo has to buy them toilet paper from the swap meet.

Dave Nguyen
Dave Nguyen

She calls herself a "Republican with a heart". Right?!?! If that's true, then Pete Wilson should be considered as a saint with the passing of Prop 187 in 1994... #Fail


Typical . Do the kkkrime and blame everyone but the criminal in the mirror.  What ? no race card?


You know what is truly weird -- just today, for the first time in 20 years, I was watching that oh so subtle Original Star Trek anti racism episode where the "black on the right side' people were oppressing the white on the right side people. 


We  see that Coker is a natural oppressor.



Mr. Coker "The Chicken Choker" the last time the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders won the Super Bowl was actually January 22, 1984. Remember Marcus Allen shredding the Redskins defense on a balmy Sunday in Tampa?

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