House Republicans Give Dana Rohrabacher What He Deserves

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As Dana Rohrabacher, Orange County's senior career politician, proudly moves into larger, more ornate House of Representative offices in Washington, D.C. to reflect his new status as chairman of the powerful . . .

Oh, wait. 

Hold on.

What did you say?

Rohrabacher--who first ran for Congress in 1988 as a "term limits champion" and is now entering his 25th and 26th years as a paid politician--once again didn't get a chairmanship of an important committee despite his seniority?



I know that even though the congressman is not an expert in science, space or technology he's wanted for years to be chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.
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That GOP rejection must hurt Rohrabacher--especially because fellow OC Republican Ed Royce now heads the weighty House Foreign Affairs Committee, but the unmistakable slight is also revealing.

Say what you want in the wake of Barack Obama's startling Nov. 6 triumph that Republicans are out of touch, but their refusal to give the Costa Mesa Republican a chairmanship means they really haven't lost their minds.

Over the years, the quirky, rant-prone Rohrabacher has delighted us with bonehead after bonehead move. 

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Who can forgot how he adamantly guaranteed actor Arnold Schwarzenegger would solve California's problems if voters put him in the governor's mansion?

Who can forget how he--a man who avoid all military duty when he was eligible to fight during the Vietnam War--lectured combat scarred Pentagon generals that they were stupid for not ordering more expensive equipment from a company that just happens to be one of his contributors?

Maybe they don't like his perennial cheapness because he routinely deposits contributions to his campaign committee into his own personal bank account under the laughable ruse that his wife, Rhonda, earns it.

Dana Rohrabacher 1104.jpg
Or, perhaps even Republicans in Washington are grabbing their bellies and giggling that Rohrabacher claims with a straight face that UN Ambassador Susan Rice's botched Sunday talk show appearances on the Benghazi tragedy were worse than the Watergate scandal ending Richard Nixon's presidency.

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Charlene Keeler
Charlene Keeler

Now if only he'd do something to get himself kicked out of Orange County...


Mr. Rohrbacher isn't doing his district any good. John Moorlach waits in the wing for his shot at a federal pension.

Staci Williams
Staci Williams

He's an idiot! Why are people still voting for him?


you left out his pivotal roll in getting stinger missles into the hands of the taliban in afghanistan aka freedom fighters to dana as long as they were only shooting at russians at the time

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