Humbled Jim Righeimer Whips Out His Peace Pipe For Costa Mesa City Employee Union

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Is disaster finally averted for city employees in Costa Mesa?
The threat level in the bitter, intense Costa Mesa war between Republican councilman Jim Righeimer and the city's public employee union finally might be downgraded from severe to guarded, according to an article posted late this afternoon.

Mike Reicher at the Orange County Register reports that Righeimer, who has lead the fight for privatization of city services, "is now calling for administrators to rescind pink slips issued to employees last year and to negotiate a deal with the city labor union."

Reicher also reported that Righeimer, one of the most controversial and hard-charging anti-union Republicans in California during the last two decades, will introduce his plan at Tuesday's city council meeting.

The sudden conciliation follows the Nov. 6 elections and the defeat of Righeimer's prized effort to make Costa Mesa a charter city, a move that would have made it easier to privatize city services. 

City voters also weakened Righeimer's 4-1 Republican council alliance by adding Sandy Genis, a pro-public employee union politician, to the council.

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Righeimer is now channelling Rodney King: Can't we all just get along?
Though generally not a political conservative, Genis will likely vote on union matters with Wendy Leece, a rightwing nut and intellectual lightweight who sold her soul to more lefty union boss several years ago in exchange for their substantial campaign support. 

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The more I read this the more disgusted I get.......Mox, did you get a Cracker for parroting these baseless Righeimer fed talking points? Prove your charge that Wendy received sizeable campaign donations from the Union,.....try and at least pretend to do some "real" reporting.


For those keeping score, that's:


"Rightwing nut and intellectual lightweight who sold her soul to more lefty union boss several years ago in exchange for their substantial campaign support" 1 -


"One of the most controversial and hard-charging anti-union Republicans in California during the last two decades" 0.


I just wish I could tell which one the author likes more.


Moxley, are completely clueless at times.....

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

 @Gericault The love affair union fans have for Wendy Leece given her retrograde politics showed me that unions will support whoever supports them, and only them. Politics at their worst. But, hey: it's all about the unions, right?

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

 @GregDiamond And the Bloviator is back, adding absolutely nothing to any conversation!


 @GustavoArellano Gustavo you just perfectly articulated exactly what your problem is in trying to accurately report on Costa Mesa. You see the sun rise in the East , and make the conclusion that the Sun rotates around the World. Wendy is termed out, has nothing to lose and has never taken Union support. She didn't like Baugh dictating to her how to run the city. She , ....changed. She is still a conservative Republican, but her views have softened so to speak. Yeah, she was hanging out with liberals like myself, and we mutually agree to disagree on almost everything, but in regards to local politics we both adhere to the belief that National politics should be left at the waters edge. This Righeimer anti-labor jihad was an orchestrated political tactic and strategy, and it has backfired horribly. Costa Mesa is now the court case you go to, when General Law Cities fight back outsourcing schemes. The Courts have ruled what and what can't be outsourced under General Law. Now over 400 cities in California are required to NOT outsource specific services. That's the Righeimer "legacy" which now has raised the Republican ire.

As for Sandy Genis being a union "tool" well, thats just  Moxley being needlessly pedantic. Your OWN weekly named Genis as Political Protestor of the year. She has always done what Sandy Genis has thought "should" be done. She doesn't get "permission", has always been fiercely independent, is a registered Republican, an avid supporter of the "public commons", Stanford trained in Public Planning and knows that Government, when run responsibly, can be a valuable and efficient asset that benefits everyone. I criticize your publication because you aren't paying attention. You are easily distracted by the shiny objects and refuse to understand the depth and nuances of what has been going on in the city around you. I know the Weekly likes to piss off everybody with equal enthusiasm , but when you parrot a false narrative being shilled by the Riggy GOP , you do everyone a disservice, and look foolish while doing it. Why do I spend so much time trying to explain this?.....because I like you guys. Consider this , advice from a friend.  

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