[UPDATED with Stats, Reader Right About 'Minority' Location:] DUI Checkpoint in Costa Mesa Monday Night

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See the update at the end of this post about a commenter to our original post being correct about the checkpoint location being in a minority neighborhood and stats from the police department.

ORIGINAL POST, NOV. 5, 6:09 A.M.: Sobriety checkpoints: they're not just for weekends and holidays any more.

That's what to make of the Costa Mesa Police Department operation scheduled from 6-11 tonight.

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The DUI/drivers license checkpoint, which seeks to pluck boozy and unlicensed drivers off the road, will be held somewhere in Costa Mesa as the police agency does not reveal the locations of the ops beforehand.

Your only clue, according to the cop shop: "Checkpoints are typically placed at locations that provide the greatest opportunity for deterring impaired driving and providing the greatest safety for the public and officers."

So would that be the road between Skosh Monahan's and Councilman Jim Righeimer's house? It is the night before the election, after all.

While we may not know exactly where the checkpoint will be, we do know how it will be funded: with a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

UPDATE, NOV. 6, 3:24 P.M.: To our original announcement that the Costa Mesa Police Department was holding a DUI checkpoint in an undisclosed location Monday night, commenter tobias0981 observed, "Hmmm... I'm no psychic, but I think the checkpoint will be where most of the minorities are so it will be near the 19th."

If the 19th refers to 19th Street, it was not quite there but sort of close. According to police, it was along Placentia Avenue and Joann Street, a heavily Latino area near Estancia High School. Indeed, it's heavily Latino from below 19th and Placentia up to that very spot of the checkpoint, before (heading north) Placentia winds around Fairview Park and one finds oneself in Costa Mesa's affluent Mesa Verde community. 

Police do not break down the ethnic makeup of those stopped, but here are the stats the department released today:

607 vehicles through the checkpoint
511 vehicles screened
5 field sobriety tests administered
2 DUI-alcohol suspects arrested
0 DUI-drug impaired suspects arrested
16 drivers cited/arrested for operating a vehicle unlicensed or while suspended/revoked
4 other citations issued (unrelated to unlicensed or suspended/revoked license)
2 non-DUI arrests (warrants, felonies, etc.)
5 vehicles stored or impounded

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949girl topcommenter

it was along Placentia Avenue and Joann Street....hmm.. yeah, that makes sense for a Monday night and in an area without any nightlife.  if they really want to bust DDs then post a checkpoint on any side street behind the Goat Hill on a Thurs-Sat night.


Hmmm... I'm no psychic, but I think the check point will be where most of the minorities are so it will be near the 19th.


 @949girl So CPs are only allowable in 'white' areas? 


And if Goat Hill (not been there for a while), is anything like the popular bars in my neck of the woods, there will be a squad car or two parked near it on weekend evenings, ready to pounce.

949girl topcommenter

 @tobias0981 if it's on the westside on a Monday they are probably looking for illegals.  If they were really looking for DDs they would put it behind the Goat Hill on a Friday night.

949girl topcommenter

 @Mitchell_Young No, they should be allowed anywhere but I live in Costa Mesa and the area they chose to set it up at on a Monday seems like a waste.  If they really wanted to catch DDs they should post one at one of the many sidestreets that people take to bypass the 55/Newport Blvd.  Actually, I'd prefer if they didn't have any checkpoints in Costa Mesa at all. 

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