The Five Least-Deserving, Non-Incumbent Winners in Orange County Elections Last Night

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SO...while a lot of good happened in Orange County politics last night, so did a lot of evil. Not just did a bunch of former councilmembers who have nothing else to do with their sorry lives except run for offices in which they were termed out years ago win last night (Lucille Kring in Anaheim, Mike Alvarez in Orange, among others), but other elections saw dumb voters elect reprehensible candidates, all because they don't bother to learn the truth about things.

Of course, some candidates are more reprehensible than others, so without further ado...

1. Bruce Broadwater Wins as Garden Grove Mayor

Next to Larry Agran and Don Papi Pulido, the man reviled as "Bulldozer" is perhaps the worst pocket dictator in Orange County. Here's a man who was termed out of office in 2004 as mayor, then decided to run for City Council in 2006--and now he's back as mayor! He has no chance of advancing in higher office, and will continue to play these musical chairs until Moroni calls the Mormon to his planet--sorry, Garbage Grove!

2. Jordan Brandman as Anaheim Councilmember

Gabriel San Román will get into the analysis later, but Brandman is hopefully the last of the Mohicans: a corporatist Democrat. Yeah, we laughed at that, too. You cannot trust anyone who counts on Curt Pringle as a pal, or decided to run with dirty cop Steve Chavez Lodge on a slate. But with an ACLU lawsuit down his throat, it'll be great to see Brandman squirm in front of Chicano yaktivists AND his handlers at the same time--pendejo deserves it!

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