Angus Brown and Arman Sharopetrosian Ran I.D. Theft Ring from Prison, Get to Stay Longer

Federal Judge David O. Carter had a wild case in his Santa Ana courtroom this week, one involving Armenian Power gang members in prison, African-American gang members on the outside, bank insiders, uh, inside banks and one of the most sophisticated identity theft fraud schemes the veteran jurist has ever seen.

Total losses: $8 million.

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Meet Angus Brown, not the kid who admittedly spreads "filth" on Two and a Half Men but a 36-year-old "career criminal and identity theif," according to the feds, with numerous prior convictions, including identity theft, which stuck him in the joint. Oh, and his nickname is "Homicide."

Now meet Brown's buddy, Arman Sharopetrosian, who is not the late former president of the University of La Verne (three people will get that one) but a 33-year-old out of Burbank, although his current residence is prison, which is where he was sent for 10 years for having shot into an occupied vehicle and having carried a concealed weapon. His nickname is "Horse."

The Orange County Grand Jury had indicted the pair two years ago for masterminding the fraud scheme from Avenal State Prison. The way it worked was, first, bank information was misappropriated, primarily from elderly people. Next, the victims' signatures were forged on high-dollar checks deposited into the thieves' accounts.

How did they find their marks? That's where the handsomely paid bank insiders came in. They were instructed to target mostly older people who would be less likely to notice money missing (they don't know the old people I know) or that their identities had been compromised. These victims also had high-value accounts.

In all, 20 people were named in the indictments, and all 20 have been convicted, according to the U.S. Attorney. My colleague R. Scott Moxley told you about others sentenced before the masterminds.

Carter on Wednesday tacked on an additional 25 years to Brown and Sharpopetrosian's respective prison stretches. "Homicide" had pleaded guilty in December 2011 to conspiracy to commit bank fraud conspiracy, bank fraud and 17 counts of aggravated identity theft. "Horse" was found guilty in March of one count of bank fraud conspiracy, four counts of bank fraud and seven counts of aggravated identify fraud. Sharopetrosian also has a pending racketeering trial courtesy of a separate federal grand jury indictment in Los Angeles.

We can now plead guilty to finding Armenians worse than the Kardashians. Well, slightly.
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This is proof that Armenians can NOT stop committing crimes, even while in prison. When will ICE wake up and start deporting these hairy, smelly cave dwellers back to their homeland? We can all thank Ronald Reagan for giving them all refugee status.


@Rabbi_Pedro_Goldstein Here is a list of Armenian Americans who are better than you. In fact nearly all of them are better than you. You should be deported back to your mothers vagina.I heard she had it decorated like a condo.

Daron Acemoglu – economist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology[2]

Viken Babikian - professor at Boston University School of Medicine

Peter Balakian - Professor of Humanities at Colgate University

Paul Boghossian - professor of philosophy at New York University

Aram Chobanian, Dean of Boston University School of Medicine

Harry K. Daghlian, Jr., academic scientist

Richard Dekmejian - professor at University of Southern California

James Der Derian - Watson Institute professor of International Studies and Political Science at Brown University

Edward Goljan- professor of Pathology at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Hrach Gregorian - writer and teacher on international conflict management and post-conflict peace building

Vartan Gregorian, former President of Brown University and current President of the Carnegie Corporation

Richard G. Hovannisian, professor of Armenian History at UCLA

Raffi Indjejikian- professor of accounting at University of Michigan

Joseph Albert Kechichian - author

Robert Mehrabian- President of Carnegie Mellon

Mark Saroyan - professor of Soviet studies at Harvard and UC Berkeley


@Rabbi_Pedro_Goldstein @kbear09090 If you started to take your meds again you would stop seeing all those evil Armenians following you around. Unless you are Turkish. Which would explain a lot of things about you.

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