5 Sets of 2012 Orange County Election Losers

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Those Who Don't Give an FF: Way back in 1973, the City of Orange designated in its general plan that 110 acres of ridgeline would be open space and low-density development. JMI Real Estate later won City Council approval to build thirtysomething residences up in what is known as Orange Park Acres, but subsequent city documents only reflected that the land had been set aside for open space. The council amended the general plan to correct the error, preservationists got a voter referendum onto the ballot to challenge the amendment, and the council went along. A trial judge, siding with JMI, rejected that election, but an appeals court later stayed that decision, allowing the vote to go on Tuesday. Well, voters rejected the amendment, 56.2 percent to 43.8 percent. Their rationale? Orange needs more open space. Low-density development? Not so much. Meanwhile, the city attorney opines none of this matters, JMI can fire up the 'dozers.

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Those Who Wanted a Lil' Sumpin-Sumpin for Their Public Service: Measure HH, also known as "The Eliminate City Council Pay and Benefits" initiative, was approved by Tustin voters 68.3 percent to 31.7 percent. It eliminates an $853 per month stipend for council members, as well as their ability to enroll in city medical, dental, retirement, life insurance and Medicare programs. It was estimated, depending on the degree of benies being sucked up by the individual member (some of whom opted out), that the goodies cost $182 to $18,634 per year. Don't sweat it, city leaders, there's always Obamacare.

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Will the next San Clemente race include a Bob Baker Marionette?
Half the Candidates Named Bob Baker: The sixth place finisher in a San Clemente City Council race for two seats was Bob Baker. So was the second-place finisher. Incumbent Councilman Bob Baker will be joined on the dais by firefighter Chris Hamm, the southernmost Orange County city's top vote-getter (and not to be confused with Mad Man Jon Hamm). The other Bob Baker is not exactly licking his wounds, as he had not campaigned due to the prospect of confusing voters. But he could not get his name removed from the ballot, so he was listed as "0 Robert 'Bob' Baker," while the incumbent was "1 Robert 'Bob' Baker." Mrs. Robert "Bob" Baker better check who's in bed with her tonight.

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No surprise that the city attorney isnt listening to the voice of the peple in Orange. No where in this description in this link does it say he has to or will, from what I saw while glancing over it.. I do think though we just start bitch slapping him or shame him in public. I'll go for shaming in public. http://www.cityoforange.org/depts/city_attorney/default.asp



Matt, great job pointing out what a slime triple pension dipping, sue the county to keep his job after agreeing to resign, false declarations in his ballot statement (I sued him and won, forcing him to remove the puffery), financially underwritten by the community college faculty association for his rubber stamp salary and pension spiking votes for them before he resigned from the same board he wanted the voters to send him back to this go around (!)...geez, John Williams.   He also hired political insiders with no qualifications to work for him at the County which reduced morale and proved, once again, that the insiders try to game the system for their own benefit.  And can you please stop using that boy scout picture of him?!  He is certainly none of that and thank goodness @TimJemal ran an outstanding campaigns endorsed by me, Don Wagner, Nancy Padberg, the @OCBusinessCouncil and the @OCTaxpayers Association.  @ToddSpitzer 


I think Matt needs to do a correction. The fireworks referendum in Fullerton did pass 51.8 percent to 48.2 percent.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

 @edfcarrasco Burn them hills! Let me check, Ed. (Cue the elevator music.) And I'm back. Yes, indeed, your intrepid reporter read "yes" on "fireworks ban" meant extending the ban. I was wrong and have since corrected the post. Thank you so much, Ed.

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