[VIDEO:] Octomom Nadya Suleman Blames Autistic 7 y.o. Son for Trashing La Habra House

In a new video that accompanies this post, Octomom Nadya Suleman blames her severely autistic, 7-year-old son for turning her old home on Madonna Lane in La Habra into a rat hole.

Natalie makes the assertion from the kitchen of her current home in Palmdale, where she says she's enforcing "new house rules" because of the boy. (I'll let her identify him.)

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Fret not, those like me brought to vomit watching the single, unemployed mother of 14 in action, the RumorFix video's just over 40 seconds long, after a very short ad:

Do you think she even grasps these things live on the Interwebs forever? And the kid may someday see this? Oh, sorry, forgot: she's a child development genius!

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Will someone finally save these children and find them homes with real parents?


One thing is clear. The apples don't fall far from the tree.


@RonVergandy @RumorFix that is from our interview with her -- so I don't understand what you are talking about?


Is there anything this woman won't do to have a camera in her face? To toss her 7 year old Autistic under the bus is vile. Suleman already has been interviewed where she lays blame for the Madonna house destruction on her oldest son. Who will be next, one of the 3 year old children purchased spray paint at the hardware store while under the care of her mother who Suleman claims has dementia.

Thank goodness the truth is coming out. Brave people are coming forward to let the public know just what is happening to the children. People who have nothing to gain buy doing this. They do not want money or good TV ratings.

When the public does hear of the conditions in which these 14 children have been forced to survive in, it will be a shock.

Thank you to those who have stepped forward and hopefully others will find it in their heart to do the same.


This sick woman has neglected this poor child, locking him up and neglecting him. I am a parent of an autistic boy close to his age and with nurturing, access to learning materials, and loving patience they can come a long way; with Nadya Suleman as his parent he is being cheated. The atmosphere he is being brought up in (along with those eight innocent babies) is a travesty, there is so much evidence out there of her slack parenting and desire for fame. Right now as I type there is a media blitz via her management going on trying to portray her as a wonderful hardworking single mom now that Gina Bryson so bravely and lovingly exposed the horrible household of Nadya Suleman. If not for the SSI check and other gov't assistance that Aiden brings to Nadya's greedy hands, she would have put him in a home. From someone who had plastic surgery on herself for vanity, but denied little Jonah cleft lip repair till she could not only get it done free but make money allowing it to be filmed, she sinks to new lows daily.


Thank you Matt for exposing her. Glad to see there is some media who will not go along with her unscrupulous manager and print puff pieces about St. Nadya, the all suffering single mother/martyr.


Nadya is lying about her 7-year-old autistic son painting the graffiti in her former house. I too saw the other TV programs where she said her oldest son, the 11-year-old, did it.  One program was HLN ShowBiz Tonight of April 30, 2012, now on YouTube with the title "Inside Octomom's Home." Nadya was interviewed in her home by Nischelle Turner. Nischelle said: "I'm gonna ask about this [graffiti]." Nadya said: "The one who did it is excited about painting [over] it. He did the front [of the house] already." (On camera, the 11-year-old was shown with a paintbrush, painting over graffiti. Nischelle asked:  "So this [graffiti] is from your oldest son? He did it?" Nadya replied, "He's channeling out his frustration."

I have seen Nadya's 7-year-old autistic son on her Ustream shows. She featured him twice; one show was about his birthday party and the other show was about him geting a haircut. You can see in both shows how severely autistic he is. He can't even hold a fork. He can't speak more than a few words. He can't read and write. He can't use the toilet; he's still in diapers. There is no way on earth this child could have operated multiple cans of spray paint, known how to spell his sibling's names to paint them on the wall, or gone outdoors carrying a ladder to paint words and symbols on the front of the house and the upper part of the high back yard wall. It is disgusting and downright cruel of Nadya to blame the extensive graffiti in her Madonna Lane house on this helpless and vulnerable little boy.


Another disgusting lie from Octomouth! She had already admitted in other videos that her eldest son was responsible for the destruction and she even showed him in one video having to paint over his tagging inside the house! But because the eldest recently got busted in La Habra (where he is actually now living-not Palmdale) she is trying to cover for him so he doesn't get too many strikes on his juvie record I guess. Her autistic son can't even feed himself much less be tagging with spray cans on high walls in cursive lettering. Her lies are sickening to put the blame on the autistic one.


Added to all the obscene things I never wanted to learn about child abuse, porn and welfare grifting, just as dismaying is the realization that after four years the media have been dishing out nothing but endless lying reeking tripe without ever once fact-checking. Not one single time.

The media are responsible for creating the basis of the climate of neglect these kids have to endure.


Including, to my horrified disbelief,  the formerly meticulously beyond reproach NY Times. The only way this could happen is to take a criminal story about the horrors of a serial child abuser and denigrate it to the status of clownish fauxlebrity gossipy froth. Right across the board.


 Why wasn't this story positioned to be about the travails of these impoverished kids from before they left Kaiser. This story belongs to them, it is rightfully theirs.  And they have been robbed of it along with everything else taken from them.

If Oprah and the Today Show and all of daytime tv can't be bothered to tell the truth about something so easily disproved and obviously dishonest, how do we know the media are ever telling the truth about anything at all they report?


Is a trapped child  the sound of the whimper of the end of journalism?


Why does the media still keep focusing on the tritely destructive whims of a delusional sociopath (make that two if for some bizarre reason PornalGina keeps enabling child neglect)  no one want to know about and not on facts of the chronic daily abuse of the grim lives of the 14 kids she is neglecting. How can it possibly have taken four years and one courageous woman to report on the abuse that was universally suspected based on visual evidence and no journalist got around to proving til you --Matt Coker--are beginning to?







Just how GinaB first met this helpless doubly trapped little boy could break any heart of stone except apparently his own mother's. Please let her tell it and put it out there for everyone.


There is also the fact that Octomerde has solved nothing by pointing the finger at someone who in GinaB's words isn't even capable of holding a pencil. The violent child who did all the damage is said to now be now doing it to neighbors' homes in Whittier where he live with relatives. Not in the empty room Octomerde pretended to set up for him and he doesn't live in .


And speaking of own rooms, Octomerde gave this terrifyingly destructive kid his OWN room and private bathroom in La Habra while she kept the eight babies locked in one room with two urine soaked mattresses and outdoor porta-potties. Then there is the illegal garage holding-pen/playroom in La Habra with a huge giant screen tv and four feet deep of trash in it. And the older twins slept right on the floor of her room. How is CPS not looking into this?


Even more worrisome is the possibility of the very many ways these developmentally-delayed 4 year olds can be hurt in the home they have no way out of. Including sleeping on packaging plastic sheeting, being too young to sleep in inadequately guarded bunk beds and falls from high places . Not to mention a multi-story house with lots of  steep stairs,  an unattended kitchen and a purportedly drunken tweaker for a parent.

What makes you think she will report and get help  for an injured child when GinaB has said the 8 all have deep large bite mark scars from an older child on their faces? How long will a hurt child be left hurting and possibly made worse from neglect?



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