UCI Law School Professor and Students Fight for Nigerian Activists in U.S. Supreme Court

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Dean Chemerinsky
Keeping in mind that the first UCI law school class in 2009 got a free ride but tuition and fees is now about $47,000 annually for resident students and $53,000 for non-residents--in one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S.--law professor and "scamblogger" Paul Campos writes on Above the Law that Chemerinsky is essentially full of it for thinking the Golden State needs another law school and students needs such massive loan debt.

To help makes his point, Campos links to a 2009 blog post titled "Kill UC Irvine Law" by Stephen Bainbridge, a UCLA law school professor who scoffed at the idea of the UC needing another law school. Noticing the Campos link, Bainbridge linked back on his own blog, adding:

I still think it was a lousy idea. It's a very expensive place to get a left-liberal legal education that'll mostly prepare you for a career in low paying public interest law jobs. So trust fund babies only need apply, and that's why we have [name of law school where I have a lot of friends, so I won't mention the name].

Guess it's one of those had-to-be-theres figuring out which law school he's referencing. You can just imagine it to does outrageous things like defending the working poor, homeowners facing foreclosure and Nigerian activists subjected to crimes against humanity.

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