Shane Chris Christensen Allegedly Used Lady Employee's Computer to Spy on Her Remotely

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How creepy is this? A Capistrano Beach man is accused of hiring a woman to work for his tire business from her home, with a computer he supplied--and then used it to spy on her remotely.

Shane Chris Christensen, 41, is facing charges of eavesdropping, computer fraud, videotaping without consent and, thanks to a search of his home, possession of marijuana for sale.

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Thursday night, the worker noticed that the computer in her home seemed to be controlled remotely. A check of her computer produced numerous files of unauthorized recordings of herself. She then contacted the Irvine Police Department.

When cops discovered the computer had been provided to the woman by her employer, who hired the woman via a craigslist ad, they checked out Christensen and discovered he was on probation for drug charges.

Computer equipment and a large quantity of marijuana were seized after a seach of Christensen's home, according to police, who report he posted $25,000 bail and was released from custody.

The probe continues, and anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Vicky Hurtado at 949.724.7194.

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And why would a woman use a work computer while in the buff anyways??


This woman was probably a psychopath who 'claimed' that this guy was spying on her. This guy had any right to remotely check any work computer owned by him, especially since he was probably paying her to do computer work at home (assuming that's why she had his computer at her home).With all the porn on the internet nowadays, it would be ridiculous to spy on people... lmao. Any woman can cry pervert or creep and the news eats this sh@# up. I'm sure the case will be dropped- she probably has acriminal history as it is.


He thought he was slick but now he gets to register his John Q on the Chester list. I think it's great that the FIRST thing she did was to pick up the phone and call the police once she saw those video files of her in the buff saved on the computer.

BillxT topcommenter

Generally speaking work supplied computers come along with explicit consent to monitoring of usage of the machine. This obviously crosses the line. I hope the slime gets crucified.

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