Scott Adrian Peterson Gets Jail and Supervision for Illegal Sex with Student

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A high school Spanish teacher who copped in August to illegal riverbed sex with a 17-year-old student was sentenced Friday to four years in state prison, but under new state sentencing laws Scott Adrian Peterson will have spent 16 months in jail and three more years under mandatory supervision. The 50-year-old Anaheim resident, who taught at the girl's Orange High School, had pleaded guilty to two felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, four felony counts of oral copulation of a minor, and two felony counts of sexual penetration by foreign object of a minor.

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Peterson met the girl in his class and groomed her by arranging meetings at Disneyland and other social events. The relationship turned sexual in April 2010, with the teacher snapping sexually explicit photos of himself with her text messages about their sexual escapades.

Unfortunately for Peterson--who also unfortunately shares a name with a wife killer--his texts were discovered on the girl's phone by a family member, who passed them along to the girl's mother, who passed them along to the Orange Police Department.

When detectives went to arrest Peterson, he was back at the riverbed where he met the girl for sex. Her car was parked nearby, but she left without the officers confronting her at that time. Soon after, Peterson walked out--and was immediately cuffed and hauled away.

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BillxT topcommenter

I worked with jr. hig & high school kids for a few years. Some of those little girsl scared the pants off of me (FIGURATIVELY!). Even then when I was young and even stupider, I knew I didn't want to have anything to do with them outside of official school actitivities. It just ain't rocket science. Scum like this deserve everything they get.


He shares names with 2 celebrities:  Adrian Peterson (NFL)  & Scott Peterson (convict).

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