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Platinum Stages includes photos like the one at right and on the next page to market its trailer hit stripper poles, which may leave some with the impression these products are only useful for adult entertainers or those training to be the same.

But with moves now afoot to make pole dancing an Olympic sport, Keith Scheinberg's Newport Beach company is also hoping to introduce its mobile and permanent rods to a new generation of athletes.

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Try this at home.
(*Hat tip to the Daily Mail:) The trailer-hitch version is designed specifically for . . . ahem . . . tailgating, although I for one will hide my eyes should Raiders game tailgaters slide their naughty bits down one.

By the way, if you want a stripper pole to attach to your favorite ride, they sell for $399 for steel or $100 more in brass through PlatinumStages.com. And now for a video for your home viewing, poling and tailgating enjoyment:

The company also Platinum Stages also has a Glow Pole that lights up (also $499), stationery poles for the home ($150), the competition poles ($350-$500) and all variations of mobile and permanent poles (prices vary). The company also hawks accessories such as shoes, videos and furniture.

They even have poles to rent if you want to give one a spin before buying. Of course, you might want to pick up some disinfectant if you're going with a previously used pole. As momma would say, who knows where that pole has been?

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