Oscar Zamora Pinedo, Who Met "13 y.o. Girl" with Condoms and Viagra, Gets 18 Months

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A prevy stooge who fell for Huntington Beach Police's oft-used and -publicized sting involving a decoy who poses as a 13-year-old girl online cut a plea deal with the judge that will have him spending another three or four months behind bars to go with months he has already spent in jail. Oscar Zamora Pinedo, 36, of Santa Ana, had arrived with condoms,  Viagra and that pouty kisser to his meeting with the "girl."

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We've written it before, but it apparently bears repeating: You'd think by now perverts would know a 13-year-old girl exchanging sexy time talk with them over the Internet before arranging a rendezvous in Huntington Beach is not a 13-year-old girl but a cop posing as one.

Responding to a personal ad on craigslist, Pinedo exchanged lewd talk with the "girl" and then arranged to pay "her" for sex before driving from his Santa Ana home to an unspecified location in Huntington Beach one evening in January, when it turned out not to be a 13-year-old girl waiting for him with open arms but police detectives dangling open handcuffs.

Through a deal with Orange County Superior Court Judge John Adams, Zamora copped to felony luring a child with intent to commit a crime, meeting a minor to commit lewd conduct and attempted lewd act on a child younger than 14. Zamora's record will show he was sentenced to 18 months in state prison, but it actually includes time already served in Orange County Jail.

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