Octomom Nadya Suleman Accuser Gina M. Bryson Makes Public Plea for Octuplets

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A Rossmoor woman who cared for at least some of Nadya Suleman's 14 children in La Habra is backing up two former caregivers whose allegations of child neglect and other serious accusations against the so-called Octomom led to investigations by police and Child Protective Services (CPS).

Gina M. Bryson says she knows of what she speaks, claiming to be the informant who contacted the La Habra Police Department about horrid conditions in Octomom's former Madonna Lane home and the poor quality of care for the children. That probe is what led investigators to the two nannies, who Suleman has countered were not nannies but part-time volunteers.

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Bryson, who is married with four children, says she met Suleman through a friend and first visited the octuplets to watch over them in November 2009, when they were 10 months old. Bryson concedes she was kicked out after several hours for being too "bossy," complaining about the children's living conditions and quality of care.

Though Bryson says she thought daily about the children, she apparently did not see them against until May 2010, when she claims Suleman called her back to care for the babes, something Bryson says would continue to do more than once. Suleman never offered to pay for the care, and Bryson says she never asked for money. Bryson says at one point Suleman talked of splitting custody of the babies, having Bryson watch the children for days while Suleman pursued her porn career.

However, last month, Bryson said she could no longer take the squalor the children were subjected to. She says she called La Habra police and sparked the investigation that was handed over to the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA), which cited lack of evidence in declining to prosecute.

KCBS/Channel 2's CBS2 News in Los Angeles was preparing to air a long, investigative report based the nannies' allegations, Bryson claims, when the OCDA decision took the air out of the broadcast. And the airtime. Bryson says she sat with reporter Stacey Butler for four hours but that only a small portion of the interview was broadcast. The final version did include Bryson expressing disappointment in the OCDA decision.  

The Weekly asked Bryson to react to what came next: Suleman's on-camera interview where she claimed to be hiring a lawyer to sue her accusers for slander. Bryson believes Octomom obliquely referred to her as a stalker out to make money off Suleman's celebrity. So, we asked Bryson to take select Suleman quotes one by one:

SULEMAN: She hired a lawyer "to go against them for slander and all the false allegations against me and their elder children."

BRYSON: "Well, first off slander means something is untrue and I do wish for the children's sake it were not. I truly hope she finds an attorney naive enough to take her case as I would love nothing more than to go into a court of law as I would welcome the opportunity to have Nadya questioned under oath. The other benefit would be the transcripts would be sealed considering it is about minors, Nadya would not be able to profit from it!" 

SULEMAN: "These were not nannies; they were never former nannies. They were just occasional volunteers and/or babysitters that would just come in ..."

BRYSON: "The two nannies on Stacy Butler's interview were indeed paid nannies and if they wanted to make money they would have went to a rag magazine that paid them . . . not to Child Protective Services and the La Habra Police. It should also be mentioned that those interviews were done over five months ago and during a period I was not involved with the children. I didn't learn of what they contained until a few weeks ago, and shortly after is when I went to the police and CPS with my own evidence and concerns. As for myself, I was never paid and I know I spent more one-on-one time with each individual baby in the nine off and on months I took care of them than she did in the three and half years she has had them."

SULEMAN: "They were plotting for years--unbeknownst to me--to make money."

BRYSON: "Plotting for years? No, she is confused as usual. They were witnessing not plotting, and the more this is broadcast the more nannies/witnesses will see it and come forward because there is strength in numbers. The nannies all know how horrible it is there but are too intimidated because they signed a confidentiality agreement and because some are undocumented workers."

SULEMAN: "To actually accuse any of us--me, my children, my older children ... of any type of abuse--that's like the lowest blow you can go, with sexual abuse. ... I worked with children who have been molested and abused for years in school, working towards my counseling degree. That allegation is the sickest, sickest you can go."

BRYSON: :First, there is zero track record or any proof of Nadya working with children, and if she actually ever even went to school and learned ANYTHING she should realize that not protecting your children and allowing them to be the tortured and treated as mere play things and punching bags for the older children that you are allowing ALL of the children a lifetime of emotional scars is the sickest, sickest you can go!"

Bryson wanted to make clear the Weekly, "Please remember just because the district attorney sent the case back for lack of evidence doesn't mean it didn't happen or unfortunately isn't happening." She added that her specific allegations that contributed to the police investigation can be found in an open letter she posted on NadyaSulemanForum.

Following a strict set of guidelines that discourage name calling
, the forum and its members for years have been monitoring what's been going on at the La Habra home, how the children are treated and other matters of concern. Bryson's letter on the forum, which better than anything I've read or seen explains her passion for protecting the octuplets, follows on the next page . . .

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