[VIDEO: Nads Lawyers Up:] Octomom Nadya Suleman Accused of Child Neglect While Living in La Habra. Again

See Update No. 3 at the end of this post on Nadya Suleman saying she's hired a lawyer to sue her child neglect/sexual abuse accusers for slander.

See Update Nos. 1-2 on Octomom's
manager leveling accusations against the women whose allegations led to a police investigation, and the Orange County District Attorney's office declining to prosecute.

ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 12, 11:56 A.M.: Octomom Nadya Suleman may be long gone from Orange County--she and her 14 children recently moved into a Palmdale home--but the allegations of child neglect in La Habra linger.

The Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) is reportedly weighing whether to file charges against the 37-year-old, sometimes porn star.

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The matter landed on the OCDA's desk after a La Habra Police Department investigation, reports the Associated Press, which notes it will be up to prosecutors to decide if a crime happened.

New allegations have surfaced following previous complaints that sent Orange County Social Services out to visit Suleman's former home on Madonna Lane in La Habra. The agency has cited confidentiality in so far not releasing to the public the results of its investigation.

The police probe is based on claims reported last month by a caregiver, according to the AP, which adds Gina Rodriguez, a former porn performer who now manages Suleman, characterized the accuser as "a woman who became obsessed with the children." (Good thing someone is; just sayin . . .)

Various journalists and gossip columnists who visited the Madonna Lane home while Suleman and her children occupied it described horrid conditions, with one likening it to a war zone. In July 2011, InTouch magazine published the photos above that were said to show one Suleman child eating drywall. Suleman accused the magazine of fabrication, but InTouch stood by its report that was titled, "In Danger?"

Gina Rodriguez as Demi Delila
UPDATE NO. 1, OCT. 12, 2:32 P.M.: Rodriguez, Suleman's manager, reportedly accuses the caretaker who took the child neglect allegations to police as a stalker, a threatening texter and would-be author.

Octomom and her children moved to Palmdale two weeks ago in part to avoid the unidentified woman, Rodriguez reportedly told the Orange County Register, adding the accuser befriended Suleman shortly after the octuplets were born in 2009, went on to stalk her and sent her threatening text messages demanding to see the children.

"None of the allegations are true," Rodriguez is said to have written in an email. "This is a woman who became obsessed with the children and contacted me to help her write a book."

UPDATE NO. 2, OCT. 12, 5:32 P.M.: The district attorney's office decided this morning it will not prosecute Suleman, reports TMZ, which claims the agency was also weighing a second nanny's allegations of sexual abuse in the La Habra home.

Prosecutors concluded there was insufficient evidence to pursue charges based on the caregivers' accusations of child neglect and the sexual abuse of a younger child by an older sibling, TMZ claims.

Octomom is alleged to have told a nanny "Don't worry" when informed of the abuse and to have locked her children in a room another day so she could get some peace and quiet outside, reports Suleman's go-to gossip media mouthpiece.

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UPDATE NO. 3, OCT. 18, 2:38 P.M.: In an on-camera interview that stretches the definition of "exclusive"--given her near daily exposure in the gossip media--Suleman tells the Cronkite-esque Celebuzz she has lawyered up to fight two women she accuses of slander. Here is video from the interview:

To recap, according to Suleman:

"I have retained an attorney to go against them for slander and all the false allegations against me and their elder children."

"These were not nannies; they were never former nannies. They were just occasional volunteers and/or babysitters that would just come in ... They were plotting for years--unbeknownst to me--to make money."

"To actually accuse any of us--me, my children, my older children ... of any type of abuse--that's like the lowest blow you can go, with sexual abuse."

"I worked with children who have been molested and abused for years in school, working towards my counseling degree. That allegation is the sickest, sickest you can go."

She also said lawyer Gloria Allred, who recently repeated her call for legal protection of the 14 children, is "entitled to her opinion," an opinion that is foreign to Natalie because she says she does not watch television or the news.


See also:

Octomom Nadya Suleman Flashes Boobs, Feeds "Baby" Vodka Hours After Child Case Dropped

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Is she flailing her hands around to try to distract from all her lying? Now she tells the interviewer she didn't know about the allegations that night of the Drag Queen Show LOL! (except she was on the phone with TMZ early the same day denying the "allegations" which they posted.

She also says there was no alcohol in the Vodka bottle LOLx2-does it really matter with plastic dolls? She always missed the point of everything. 


Matt, you've always gotten your stories right on the button, but what you may not know is that two more "undocumented" nannies are coming forward.  Two of the early nannies have already come forward, the hairdresser came forward, and the new two nannies have come forward.  With the "undocumented" nannies that are willing to come forward that would then be 6 nannies and 1 hairdresser.  All involved at different times of those babies lives.  Gina B (who broke this last story) would love to see Octoscam file a lawsuit.  She has her lawyer ready also and discovery would be a bltch on Octo's behalf.


There are many other people out there who know the truth. It's not too late to come forward & tell what you know so that a real investigation can be done. Otherwise, live with your karma.


It is heartbreaking and revolting that that nutcase Nadya would call a person who has lovingly given care to the kids 'a stalker' and 'obsessed', when she had no problem dumping those kids off for days with this lady who was not paid nor asked to be paid. Nadya's problem is twofold; when confronted with her neglectful, abusive parenting she goes ballistic, and when the kids love and bond with someone she gets jealous. She is sick.


Funny how Suleman and Rodriguez now try to portray the whistleblower as a stalker, jealous & obsessed with the children..same thing they said about the hairdresser who came forward. The current complaints were by a CAREGIVER who had the children for long periods of time. Suleman claimed she had no help. I hope the people of Palmdale have been warned sufficiently to not get involved with this HOT Mess-That's where she is tonight-In NYC at a Drag Queen Bar in Hell's Kitchen in a show Called Hot Mess-entertaining the customers.


Orange County you need to elect a new DA. Please do so before any little children in the Octotrash hovel are harmed beyond repair. And while your at it, call for an investigation of OC CPS. Does anyone remember the 6 kids drowned by that Andrea woman. So Orange County DA office, what is your message for the day ? "Well, Casey Anthony got away with it, why not Nadya Suleman "?

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