OC Weekly Needs an Editorial Assistant!

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Who says media ain't hiring anymore? Yasmin Nouh, my editorial assistant who wrote this week's awesome cover story on Syrian refugees in OC, is alas moving on to bigger and better things, so I need an editorial assistant versed in the art of raising DESMADRE.

Of course, it ain't all taking down pedophile priests or corrupt cops. The exact details of the position are below...

OC Weekly has an immediate opening for a part-time editorial assistant. This entry-level position is perfect for an organized self-starter who derives satisfaction from handling multiple tasks and working independently on long-term projects. Ideal candidates will have a college degree; excellent organizational and communication skills; computer, grammar and math proficiency; and database experience. A background in journalism is preferred. Send a resume, cover letter and list of references to: oc-edit-asst@villagevoicemedia.com

Let the record show that my last two editorial assistants have gone on to bigger and better things: before Yasmin, there was Taylor, who's now our web mistress. Start sending in those resumes, kiddies!

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Hey Gus, Howzabout a retiring public SERVANT with an inside track to the corrupt cops ?




I hear Greg Diamond will be available after election day.  Greg has demonstrated with his state senate campaign what a hard and dedicated worker he is.  His writing skills?  What can I say?  Just read the Orange Juice Blog or just about any other public forum around and you can see just how good he is.


I'm sure you have an email address and phone number for him, right?

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