[NSFW] What Does Rep. John Campbell Have In Common With Porn Legend Ron Jeremy?

Congressman John Campbell Irvine.jpg
Baseball, apple pie, hot dogs and . . . XXX!
Orange County Republican Congressman John Campbell likes to tout that he, like most conservatives, considers the strength of "the traditional American family" in all of his decision-making.

But Campbell's office may have a slight problem called Lou Penrose.

Penrose, the congressman's trusty district director and longtime aide, is nothing but, according to Campbell, "an energetic, hardworking individual whose enthusiasm for his career is contagious to others."


Anyway, he also apparently knows his legendary porn stars when he sees them.

This week, Penrose posted on his Facebook a photograph of himself tightly hugging a man who has appeared in hundreds of porn films since the 1970s.

That's right: "Big Daddy," Ron Jeremy, the star of family classics like One-Eyed Monster, Porked!, 21 Hump Street, Honey, We Blew Up Your Pussy 2, I Know Who You Did Last Summer, TSA: Your Ass Is In Our Hands, The Great American Squirt Off, Anal Princess Diaries 2, The Texas Dildo Masquerade, Ejacula 2, The Flintbones, 87 And Still Banging, In Your Face 4, Let Me Tell Ya About Fat Chicks, and What's The Lesbian Doing In My Pirate Movie?

irvine family values john campbell.jpg
Big Daddy's, uh, traditional stance.
We wanted to ask Penrose about being a Jeremy fan (and how it came to be that they dressed alike), but he's news media shy so perhaps we'll never learn if they've worked together in the Look Who Is Banging Our Congressman Now series.

Lou Penrose Ron Jeremy Facebook.jpg
Screen capture from Penrose's Facebook account: Party on!

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