Orange County Congressional Candidates Took Contributions of $2.3 Million In Recent Weeks

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Did Loretta Sanchez nab horror writer money?
All of Orange County's major congressional campaigns recently filed mandatory financial disclosure reports with the Federal Election Commission in Washington, D.C. and there are interesting nuggets of information about the candidates and the notable interests that support them.

For example: Which OC candidates got money from Newport Coast horror writer Dean Koontz or controversial Pittsburgh publishing billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife?

The following summaries are only for activities between July 1 an Sept. 30:

49th Congressional District:

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Darrell Issa (Republican)
Total Contributions: $448,930
Cash on Hand: $1,486,682
Notable: Received contributions from horror writer Dean Koontz, Pittsburg publishing billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife and legendary conservative fundraiser Richard Viguerie.

Jerry Tetalman (Democrat)
Total Contributions: $56,013
Cash on Hand: $31,300
Notable: Accomplished San Diego artist Kim MacConnel and the National Nurses United PAC contributed.

39th Congressional District:

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Ed Royce (Republican)
Total Contributions: $368,561
Cash on Hand: $1,506,171
Notable: Watergate scandal dirty tricks operative Donald Segretti, conservative activist Ken Khachigian and Newport Beach energy executive Buck Johns contributed.

Jay Chen (Democrat)
Total Contributions: $135,468
Cash on Hand: $278,314
Notable: Received contributions from Asian American Action Fund, National Education Association and the United Auto Workers.

45th Congressional District:

John Campbell congress irvine 8.jpg
John Campbell (Republican)
Total Contributions: $128,928
Cash on Hand: $615,628
Notable: Took $3,500 from Poker Players Alliance and $41,000 from insurance industry special interest political action committees (PACS).

Sukhee Kang (Democrat)
Total Contributions: $84,284
Cash on Hand: $232,825
Notable: Paid legendary Washington, D.C. Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart $20,000 for polling.

48th Congressional District:

Dana Rohrabacher congress 8.jpg
Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher (Republican)
Total Contributions: $41,565
Cash on Hand: $228,241
Notable: Diverted 28 percent of contributions to his own bank account in the name of his wife for alleged campaign work, and is taking money from a drone company executive.

Ron Varasteh (Democrat)
Total Contributions: $6,144
Cash on Hand: -$1,950
Notable: Democratic consultant Melahat Rafiei was one of just four reportable contributions.

47th Congressional District:

Alan Lowenthal congress 8.jpg
Gary DeLong (Republican)
Total Contributions: $350,208
Cash on Hand: $478,532
Notable: Received contributions from Laguna Beach resident Virginia Ueberroth, wife of former Major League Baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth; and an illegal $500 from a prohibited corporate source, Villa Park Farms.

Alan Lowenthal (Democrat)
Total Contributions: $344,035
Cash on Hand: $407,317
Notable: Received contributions from former state Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Sheila Kuehl as well as the Morongo Band of Mission Indians and the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.

46th Congressional District:

Jerry Hayden for congress 8.jpg
Loretta Sanchez (Democrat)
Total Contributions: $179,039
Cash on Hand: $1,134,386
Notable: Received contributions from former Tonight Show with Jay Leno monologue writer Michael Morse and Hollywood producer Jonathan King (Dreamgirls, Studio 54 etc).

Jerry Hayden (Republican)
Total Contributions: $48,440
Cash on Hand: $27,298
Notable: Received no reportable contributions from anyone in the congressional district; most contributions came from Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, or out of state.

38th Congressional District:

Linda Sanchez congress 8.jpg
Linda Sanchez (Democrat)
Total Contributions: $102,630 
Cash on Hand: $261,458
Notable: The AFL-CIO, Comcast Corporate PAC, Yahoo! Inc. PAC, Time Warner Inc. PAC, Verizon Communications Inc. PAC, Home Depot Inc. PAC, SeaWorld Parks PAC and American Federation of Teachers contributed.

Benjamin Campos (Republican)
Total Contributions: $6,399
Cash on Hand: Unknown
Notable: Didn't detail any activity for the period.

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Didn't Rohrabacher & Ed Royce sign the old & forgotten "Contract with America" where they vowed to get rid of career politicians using term limits? It seems that the only promise in that contract kept was to eliminate aid for poor children and divert those funds & increase them exponentially for Corporate welfare. It seems The self described surfing patriot congressman is using old school good ol boys tricks and diverting election funds to pay his wife...

Why can't democrats come up with viable candidates for office?


Congressional debate last night (Fri Oct 19 2012).......would have been more informative if Congressman Rohrabacher had actually shown seems that the Congressman is so sure of your vote that he doesn't need to do ANY campaigning.  Unbelievable!

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@suzsuz. I've known Dana Rohrabacher for 17 years. He is OC's senior career politician and a coward. In DC, he's considered a mental light weight even by Republicans.



 When I called the congressman's office on Sat am to ask why he didn't show up fpr the debate, Rhonda told me that he never had any intention of debating Ron Varateh......because D Rohrabacher doesn't deal with the moderator of the debate, the League of Women's Voters (not exactly the Black Panthers or the Weather Underground or the Tea Party).

So, Mr Varateh had the floor for 1 + hours to himself and did a great job of defining his positions. 

And quite honestly, after seeing D. Rohrabacher on Real Time with Bill Maher, maybe the less said by the congressman, the better.




 @suzsuz  @rscottmoxley Hey Suz. Did you read my blog on the debate? Why are you commenting about a blog I wrote on an unrelated blog? Perhaps I'm chopped liver, or perhaps you're weird.


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