Larry Agran Blasted By 3 Former Close Allies As Corrupt & Unworthy of Irvine Mayor's Job

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Agran: The people who know him best say he's corrupt
Three prominent Orange County men who spent years as close allies to Larry Agran have joined together in a campaign mailer to declare him a corrupt politician unworthy of winning the mayor's job in the City of Irvine's Nov. 6 election.

"He's betrayed his values--Agran does not deserve our vote," said UC Irvine professor Mark Petracca, attorney and former Irvine city councilman Chris Mears and journalist Will Swaim, the founding editor of the Weekly. "Larry Agran has turned his back on his progressive values and wants Irvine to be the most densely populated city in the county."

The two-sided mailer, paid for by California Term Limits and Citizens in Charge, begins with a photograph of Agran and the words: "A message from Former Friends of Agran. First elected in 1978, 34 years ago, Larry Agran has made a lot of promises. What do those who know him best have to say about him?"

Petracca, Mears and Swaim gave anti-Agran testimonials on the back side.

"[Agran] uses taxpayer funds from the City and the Great Park to enrich his political allies and campaign contributors," wrote Petracca. "He will not have my vote this year."

Mears, who served on the city council with Agran, wrote, "What I learned on the Council is that the visionary politician who I once supported had become nothing more than another professional politician. It became clear to me that Larry's decisions were driven by money, and those who have it, and not by the public interest. In good conscience, I cannot tell anyone to support Larry Agran anymore."

And Swaim observed, "Larry has changed, and evolved as a politician. Now Agran is really all just about political power, and cozy relationship with his developer friends. As a longtime Irvine resident, I will never vote for him again."

The mailer also contains a message from former Irvine Mayor Mike Ward, who asserted that Agran and the two other candidates on his slate--Beth Krom and P.K. Wong--are trying to buy the election.

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This publication should be ashamed for publishing such libelous and unsubstantiated tripe.


If you have lived in Irvine as long I have, you would know that Mark Petracca, Chris Mears, Will Swaim's stories are merely sour-grapes born of petty political in-fighting.  Politics breeds strange bed-fellows. This is pure Soap and nothing more.


Larry is one of the most honest men I've ever met.  The accusations are completely spurious.




I am glad to say that Larry Agran lost his race to become Irvine's mayor. Thank god, he is dwelling too much on that silly "Great Park" idea and not concentrating on the more important issues concerning his consituents, like maintain the quality of education, stopping over-development, creating jobs and other things. Agran kept the city of Irvine as corrupt as possible. I can understand why Agran is corrupt, it is because he was originally from Chicago. Time for Agran to get a new job and leave the politicial arena for good. Btw, this is an opinion from a Democrat, too!


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20ftjesus topcommenter

All this talk of corruption, if you have proof, then demand his prosecution.  Show some evidence that will lead to a conviction.  Oh yah, you don't have any.  HA!



MatthewTCoker topcommenter

But ... but ... guys: FOR term limits!?! What happened to the good ol' days, when elections WERE term limits?


Is Swaim really credible when discussing corruption? Given the way he treated his former employees at The District I would say not.


 @20ftjesus  See Choi et al. v. Orange County Great Park Corporation, 175 Cal.App. 4th 524 (2009) for the California Court of Appeal's discussion and holding re Agran's corruption as a politician, chastising him pretty heavily for lacking "fairness and impartiality".  The evidence is nicely outlined for you in a legal opinion. 

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