Governor Jerry Brown's Actions on Immigrant Legislation Draws Ire from Advocates

Julio Salgado
Immigrants meet Gov. Brown's Back
With a midnight deadline looming, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the Trust Act yesterday calling it "fatally flawed" while singing into law legislation on driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants who obtain work permits under President Obama's deferred action policy.

The National Day Laborer Organizing Network, who helped organize an Anaheim protest denouncing wage theft in the case of Jose Ucelo last month that it said underscored the need for the Trust Act, was swift to react.

"Immigration and Customs Enforcement strong-armed the Governor to defend its deportation quota instead of defending Californian's rights," the group wrote in a statement issued last night.

"On this sad day, we renew our commitment to fight to keep our families together despite the Governor and the President's insistence on seeing them torn apart."

The Orange County DREAM Team held a rally in support of the Trust Act outside the headquarters of the Anaheim Police Department in mid-September, but also released a position statement on Assemblyman Gil Cedillo's driver's license bill:

"Given the requirement of a social security number to receive a driver's license in California we believe that AB 2189, which grants driver's licenses to those who qualify for Deferred Action, is a purely symbolic gesture at a time when California needs a comprehensive driver's license bill."

As the deadline to act approached, Santa Ana-based bands Cuauhtemoc and Son del Centro were present Saturday at MacArthur Park action supporting the Trust Act and the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights -- which Brown also vetoed Sunday, though a publicized domestic worker's dispute with 2010 opponent Meg Whitman helped him win election.

And for all those keeping count, Governor Brown also vetoed a United Farm Worker's sponsored bill that would have created criminal provisions for employers who failed to provide their field workers with adequate shade and water as they toil in searing temperatures.

Heckuva job, Brownie!

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So, let's get this straight. La Raza etc. are advocating that people who shouldn't even be here AND who have proven themselves to be a detriment to our society by breaking additional laws, should get a free pass. As for 'keeping families together' -- you can do that, in Mexico. Every child born to a Mexican parent is a Mexican citizen and can freely relocate to that august nation.


" Governor Brown also vetoed a United Farm Worker's sponsored bill that would have created criminal provisions for employers"


Hey, I'm in agreement with you here.  Of course, if we had a tight labor/immigration policy, worker's conditions would improve as companies tried to attract labor from a smaller pool. For example, in France, vineyards compete to hire experienced grape harvesters -- not so much with wages as with good accommodations (aka temporary housing) and quality of the meals provided. 





 First of all, its very clear that you're,

1: probably a White American lady who is most likely part of a Republican Tea Party (aka Tea Bagger). 2: Quite ignorant and stereotypical/racist about your views when it comes to Immigration because let me tell you something... WERE ALL NOT FROM MEXICO YOU PINCHE PENDEJA! So just in case you didn't know or wasn't aware... People who are from North America, South America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Pacific Islands, etc. YOU ARE an Immigrant whether you're Documented or Undocumented.

3. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if you were raised here all your life and all of a sudden, you were just told that you're not from here. So since after all this time of being here of going to school, graduating, and being here your whole life! you've got to go back to a country that YOU were not aware of or haven't been to!


But of course you don't care and you'll always bring up about how OH YEAh ITS THEE LAW! YOU ALREADY BROKE IT! SO NO! NO! NO!


I know that you yourself have broken many laws. And I'm sure you've talked on the phone while driving without a hands free device. Drinked an alchohol beverage when underage. Probably even done a drug. Go over speed limits plenty of times. So I'm sure you've broken lots of laws and rules but of course without getting caught. So don't give me that OH YEAH BUT ITS THE LAW bullcrap.


I'm sorry but I am proud of being an immigrant, in a land full of Immigrants, call it "Illegal" but we all in this do alot of things, in this great country of ours, that are ILLEGAL ALL THE TIME! So don't be a hypocrite. Be sure to spread the word. Equallity for all.


I'm for giving rights to those, not taking them.


 @gerardovaladez27 You graduated from something with English like that? 


And sorry buddy, I am not an immigrant. I was born here, of native-born parents, as were my parents. As were their parents.


The time of immigration has passed -- it may have suited a country with a frontier, but that is long gone. Fact is, the USA hit its greatest heights -- including putting a man on the moon, when immigration was tightly controlled. 


You got a problem, take it up with your lawbreaker parents -- folks that have impoverished this state and  this country.


 @Mitchell_Young  @gerardovaladez27

 How mentally retarded does one has to be to see that crime and mischief is human nature, not ethnic tendencies? If there were no emigrates in this country, and it was inhabited by whites only, they would be at each other’s throats.  On the positive side, it would also be and isolated gene pool and they could become extinct in less than a millennium.  Mitch, feel free to disparage my grammar and spelling all you want, you still a pathetic waste of sperm.

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