John Patrick Rogers, Career Townhome Community Asshole, Faces Serious Charges

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And you thought your neighbor was a dick: John Patrick Rogers has a court date Thursday tied to what's apparently been a career of terrorizing other residents of his Huntington Beach townhome community. Rogers pleaded not guilty at arraignment in Westminster Monday to five felony counts of stalking and electronic eavesdropping and multiple misdemeanor counts for violating court orders. I'm sure the Huntington Beach Gables Homeowners' Association would be willing to pick up his moving costs by now.

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The Huntington Beach Police Department reports it has been called to deal with--and even arrest--the 48-year-old in the past, as he has repeatedly violated restraining orders and trespassing laws.

Taking a break from exposing Klansmen past, promoting his 116th book and happily signing my lavish paychecks, The Mexican wrote in 2010 about Huntington Beach Gables neighbors by then having taken out 28 restraining orders against Rogers. Among his sins back then: taunting residents with his pit bull, putting up defamatory signs in common areas, shining lights in bedroom windows in the middle of the night, jumping suddenly in front of cars,  crank calling neighbors and posting videos of neighborhood kiddies on YouTube.

Hell, screw the move, it's surprising no one took this turkey out by now. Rogers is being held in lieu of $1 million bail, which should actually make us feel sorry for his fellow inmates.

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Good morning:I'm friends with jhon elementary school, I think they make a mistake, my name is Carlos Esteves de Lima Peru.I found this note on the web, in my attempt to locate him, they do not see for 40 years and I see in trouble.I can tell you that John is not to blame for anything, was born with a terrible disease, in the 70s there was no treatment and on top of his ills, his father placed him in my school, where we were all normal and not bothering much knew of his problem.Please do not be jailed, is a sick person needs medical help, not punishment.If you before the world pride themselves on being a nation of liberty and justice democarcia should not just release it, if others need help and provide medical and psychiatric assistance you need.If you do not stay in their consciousness that they are committing an injustice to an innocent.excuse my grammar but use an electronic translator.Thank you.


Bring him to my neighborhood. He knows where, he was just in it 3 weeks ago putting rambling fliers on cars at 1130 at night. I will save the court system the time and the tax payers the money and take good care of him. Its time to dismiss this parasite. 


This guy is paranoid schizophrenic. Not locking him up for so long was courting disaster. The Aurora Colorado shooter instantly came to mind. 


This guy placed an ad with me at the OCR for a reward for information on his "stolen" dogs. This guy is a fruit loop! Claims that the neighbors are out to get him and that they all collude together to try to force him out of his home. Just a really kooky person...


Just another unsocialized anchor who grew up to make everyone's life around him miserable. Now us taxpayers get to pay the bill to stop him.

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