Jay Chen, LA-OC Congressional Candidate, Gets Another Anti-Asian Rant And Threat of Violence

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Racist peanut gallery rants
Jay Chen's congressional campaign tells OC Weekly that it received yet another racist, anti-Asian rant over the weekend and this one threatened physical violence against the American-born Democrat who is hoping to unseat incumbent Republican Rep. Ed Royce.

We told you last week about a disgraced Costa Mesa businessman sending Chen, who is of Taiwanese ancestry, an email loaded with racist terms like "chink" and "slant-eyed gook" and "slope."

The latest attack was also voiced by a person of outstanding intellect and maturity:

"Hey, you little Chinese fucker," said the man, who voiced support for Royce manliness (no joke) and then went on to call Chen a "little shit" and "a piece of crap."

Jay Chen Congress racist voice mess.jpg
Chen campaign manager Sam Liu said they received the telephone message on Saturday from a person who blocked his number.

You can listen to the cowardly bigot whine here:

Go HERE to read the Weekly's prior coverage of earlier racist rants about Chen, who is arguably one of California's most personally accomplished candidates in 2012.

--R. Scott Moxley
(rscottmoxley at ocweekly dot com)

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BillxT topcommenter

Hey, I resemble that picture! Not all of us toothless gerners are idiot racist bigots. Well, idiot maybe.


This is obviously a wrong number. The "gentleman" in question obviously was calling The John and Ken Show to talk to John and misdialed.


HA! Awesome picture Mox!


 @Mitchell_Young OK, let's play this out:


I say: "stop being a malignantly racist assbite, you pathetic freak."


What comes next?  Let's see what the readers think.


(a) Mitchell_Young says: "Hey, it was a joke!  Where's your sense of humor, you political correct whiner!"


(b) Mitchell_Young says: "I'm serious!  Asian-Americans should not have the right to send white people unsolicited mail, even if they're running for office!  It's OK if Ed Royce does it, but that's because he's white!  DON'T YOU GET THAT?"


(c) Mitchell_Young says: "It's Chen's own fault.  He could have changed his name and gotten plastic surgery to look white and this wouldn't be happening."


(d) Mitchell_Young says: "Please, PLEASE don't tell my mom I said that!  She'll spank me REALLY HARD AGAIN!"


 @GregDiamond  @Mitchell_Young He  has the right to spam (I guess), and the dude has the right to call him out on it, including calling him what he is, a Chinese (who happened to be born in the US).


 @Mitchell_Young  The guy is an American, nevermind the fact that it's blatantly racist to attack him based on ethnic heritage. I guess that doesn't matter though, considering that you have revealed yourself to be a racist asshat just like him.


 @Mitchell_Young  I'm sorry, if I was being called by some white congressman, would I be calling him a cracker? Fail bro

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