Jackie Angeles, Hazard Elementary 5th Grader, Has Had a Tough Young Life; You Can Help Her

KCBS/Channel 2
KCBS/Channel 2 broadcast a story this week that brings tears to your eyes and gives whole new meaning to the idea that it takes a village.

Six years ago, Jackie Angeles, who is now a 5th grader at Hazard Elementary School in Santa Ana, lost her mother to melanoma. As a first grader, Jackie lost her right leg to bone cancer. On Sunday, she lost her father, who died in her his sleep. (*corrected)

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Three days later, she was back at Hazard School, volunteering in the library. She reportedly told KCBS that books help her take her mind of things. She and her older brother now live with three older cousins.

Nanci Cole, Hazard's principal, says her school is doing all it can for Jackie. They hope the exposure to the little girl's tragic first years will tug the hearts of people all over Southern California. A Jackie Angeles fund has been set up at Orange County Federal Credit Union; deposit checks to account number 92603942-1.

Call Hazard Elementary at 714.663.6403 for more information.

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BillxT topcommenter

Is there a statement anywhere about the rules on how any donated money will be disbursed? For instance, I would assume that there would be something in place to prevent the uncle from spending it on a new fishing boat (I'm NOT saying he would, be there are some scum out there that would).

20ftjesus topcommenter

"On Sunday, she lost her father, who died in her sleep."


his or her? 

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

 @BillxT Not any more than how your taxes, medical co-pays and electronic bank fees are disbursed, I assume.

BillxT topcommenter


 Come on, Heyzoos, we all make typos. (In all fairness, it struck me too.)

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