Poorman Meets Hurricane Sandy

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What is Loveline creator, former Orange County TV host (pick a station, any station) and Newport Beach "Poor Palace" resident Poorman (a.k.a. Jim Trenton) doing on the streets of New York City in the middle of Hurricane Sandy?

Why, the backstroke, of course.

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Here's a photo Poorman, who relocated to NYC but hosts a show out of a San Bernardino radio station (assuming that bridge hasn't been burned yet), just posted on his Facebook page.

Poorman (right), flooding (left) . . .
His message:

Jogging in a hurricane. When I first jogged under this bridge (Brooklyn Bridge) at 5 PM, there was no flooding. This pic was taken at 6:15 PM upon my return. Cops drove us out of there a minute later. The street above this was also flooded. I just got back, and have since experienced 75 MPH winds (almost blew me away), Fallen trees everywhere, and heard exploding transformers. And it's getting worse.

Stay dry, buddy.

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Hopefully he'll be blown out to sea. Nature is cruel at times so we should count our blessings when something good arises from her fury.

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