[UPDATED with Son Helps Bust Dad:] George Osumi, Legend Cellars Worker, Accused of Stealing $2.7 mil in Wine from Clients

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See the update/*correction at the end of this post disclosing the suspect was an employee of the wine cellar, and his son, who is the owner, helped bust his father.

ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 8, 8:50 A.M.: The owner *An employee of a business that stored fine wines for customers is being arraigned any minute now for allegedly stealing $2.7 million worth of wine from his clients' storage lockers.

George Osumi II, 64, of Newport Beach, is accused of poaching expensive wines kept in controlled-temperature storage at Legend Cellars of Irvine and replacing them with cheaper bottles of swill.

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One theft prompted a family member of a victim to contact the Irvine Police Department, which launched an investigation. Detectives determined that between Jan. 1, 2008, and June 21, 2012, Osumi broke into the private storage lockers of three different owners, according to a statement from the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA).

Osumi allegedly hired a friend to auction off some wine in 2008 and split the proceeds, although the OCDA reports the pal had no idea the wine was stolen. Osumi is accused of depositing $280,000 from these sales into his business account and using the money to pay for personal expenses and legal fees.

Between July 20, 2011, and June 7, 2012, Osumi auctioned stolen wine himself and deposited $310,965 into his business account, charges the OCDA.

Osumi faces three felony counts of second degree commercial burglary, one felony count each of grand theft, embezzlement by employee, receiving stolen property, and one misdemeanor count for possession of burglary tools with sentencing enhancements for aggravated white collar crime over $500,000, property damage over $1.3 million, and crime-bail-crime.

Conviction could have him trading a wine cellar for a prison cell for up to 16 years and four months.

Anyone who believes they have wine stored at Legand Cellars should contact Irvine Police Detective Sarah Tunnicliffe at 949.724.7170 by Nov. 30 to reclaim their wine.

If there's any wine leftover, the Irvine Police Christmas party will be the event of the season.

UPDATE, OCT. 8, 8:52 A.M.: The lawyer for Scott Osumi, the Legend Cellars president, contacted me to clarify that George Osumi is a former employee of the Irvine business. George "was terminated after it was discovered he embezzled money from the company and his son," writes Correen Ferrentino of The Law Offices of Correen Ferrentino in Santa Ana, adding that the younger Osumi "has fully cooperated with the investigation conducted by Irvine Police Department and has taken significant steps to increase company security and assist in identify the few customers victimized by the theft."

Here is Ferrentino's full letter:

Dear Matt:

I represent Scott Osumi, the president of Legend Cellars, Inc. Your article unfortunately misstates the District Attorney's Press release. George Osumi is a former employee, not owner, of Legend Cellars and was terminated after it was discovered he embezzled money from the company and his son Scott Osumi. After his termination, it was determined he also stole wine from some customer lockers. Scott Osumi, president of Legend Cellars, Inc. has fully cooperated with the investigation conducted by Irvine Police Department and has taken significant steps to increase company security and assist in identify the few customers victimized by the theft. Legend Cellars believes some recovered wine in Irvine Police custody may still be unaccounted for and has encourage current customers of Legend cellars to inventory their wine collection.

We would appreciate if you would correct the information you have published as it is having a detrimental impact on Legend Cellars after Scott Osmui has contacted all customers and made tremendous effort to assure them their wine is safe at Legend Cellars.

-Correen Ferrentino
Santa Ana, Ca

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George Osumi - Others suspect he began steeling in 2006 not 2008.There is email correspondence from George's Ex girlfriend (a former employee) and a Legend Cellars customer, where she is stated to have ALERTED the customer of Osumi's suspicious conduct.However, like any good con, Osumi convinced his client not to believe her- she quit promoting the facility shortly there after. Mostly because of other fraudulent conduct that involved wines imported from Austria. California court records document Osumi's long running trail of poor conduct. He is rumored to have been involved in illicit activities in Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, Milan, Romania and the Czech Republic. He has once even used a false name on airline ticket for travel in South America also. He has had bisexual lovers with whom he convinced to provide him loans and some fancy financing on construction jobs Its known he was soliciting prostitute's worldwide and...THIS man was allowed to participate in the Orange County BIG BROTHER organization to mentor to CHILDREN?! Seems they either have a lax screening process or??Somebody should report the BIGGER PICTURE surrounding Osumi because for such corruption's to be taking place with little more than slaps to his wrists. co- conspirators??Orange County, CA is known for having a CULTURE of CORRUPTIONS , thus Osumi seems ' par for their course'. " Disgusting"


Deviant, Sinister, Fraudulent, Conning & PervertedWhat kind of idiot would invest with this scumbag?! He's had a public record of bad business trails for at least 25 years. According tonewspaper archives, he was arrested at a business he had in Anaheim (PMC) for having a 2-way mirror that went from his office to the womens employee restroom


I call total bullsh&T Scott didnt know! He has been there for years and as a former employee myself, everyone knew what George was doing, stealing money from the company. The only reason he isnt considered an "owner" is because he trashed his own name, and had to use his daughters, making her "owner", and his son "owner" of Legends. It was never questioned that George ran both companies.He called all the shots. He ruined his daughters name and took her and her ex husband down with him. There is no pity for this man.


"Hired a friend" ? Some call that an accompliss.


@No1Knowz. Are you implying that Scott always knew his father was ripping him off? The article says nothing about his daughter or her husband having any problems. What exactly are you trying to prove in your rant?

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