Libertarian Presidential Duo of Gary Johnson & Jim Gray Plot 2016 White House Run

Judge Jim Gray Libertarian OC .jpg
Judge Jim Gray: We'll be baaaack!
No matter the results of the Nov. 6 election, the Libertarian presidential campaign duo of Gary Johnson and Jim Gray, the retired Orange County superior court judge, plan to run again for the White House in 2016.

Gray, Johnson's vice presidential running mate, told a crowd this month at Tulane University that the two men have already decided a second run--next time with plenty of planning--is critical to break the stranglehold the two major political parties exercise over failed foreign and domestic policies.

Calling President Barack Obama and Democrats "financially irresponsible" and Mitt Romney and Republicans "socially intolerant," Gray predicted voters will warm to Libertarian ideas as a route to escape present day "bipolar politics."

After being locked out of the four presidential and vice presidential debates, Johnson--a former popular Republican governor of New Mexico and outspoken advocate of reducing the size and power of the federal government--won six percent of the vote in a recent national poll.

Gray is urging California residents not to waste their votes on Romney because Obama will undoubtedly win the state and its 55-member electoral college delegation. Instead, he is arguing that voters can buy real future change by supporting his party's ticket, which might qualify for 2016 federal matching funds (and thus easier state by state ballot access) if Johnson nabs at least five percent of the nationwide vote next month.

Gray, a longtime Republican before switching affiliation, first won national fame himself in 1992 when, as a sitting California criminal court judge in ultra-conservative Orange County, he declared the nation's alleged War on Drugs was a dismal failure that wastes money and lives.

To learn more about Johnson and his plans to end the Democrat/Republican monopoly, go HERE.

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@SheJusAhBOSS Gracias for RT!


"The 47%" Romney said he didn't care about winning their vote is probably the 47% of voters who won't vote at all...They aren't Obama voters, they are LIBERTY voters who won't vote because most of them have never even heard of Gary Johnson and they're in the 40 or so "non-swing states" and they think their vote doesn't matter or doesn't count. Well, a vote for interests of corporations that profit from debt, disease, and war would be wasted and write-ins won't be counted, but a vote for Gary Johnson DOES matter and WILL be counted. "Bipolar politics" indeed.


@aliciadearn Psyched for the commercials: "I'm baaaaaaack!" or "Heeeere's GARY!" or "You were expecting someone else?"


Excellent. We have 4 years to get EVERYONE on board!

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