Dana Rohrabacher Deposited More Campaign Contributions Into His Personal Bank Account Than He Raised In Pre-Election Report

Rohrabacher: Please donate so I can buy a new, better hairpiece or a box of NoDoz for my sleeping aides.
We've told you several times over the years about how cheapskate Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher routinely deposits chunks of campaign contributions directly into his own bank account by claiming his wife, Rhonda, earned the money.

Wink, wink.

Rohrabacher, the alleged anti-federal government spending blabbermouth who has been sucking--no, slurping--on the federal teat for more than 30 consecutive years, doubled down on his shameless hypocrisy in his latest mandatory campaign disclosure report.

Orange County's senior career politician reported in his just filed pre-election report with the Federal Election Commission that he received $3,410 during the first 16 days of October and paid himself--err, sorry, Rhonda--$4,433 during the same period.


Carry the three, add the six....

Dana Rohrabacher total contributions 2012.jpg
Rohrabacher's total contributions in the pre-election report: $3,410
According to my math, Rohrabacher's campaign fund really should be renamed: The Dana Rohrabacher Personal Expense Gift Fund That Barely Skirts Federal Law on Technicalities Account.

Can there be any doubt that Rohrabacher's campaign fundraising operation is little more than a devious way to enhance his own private wealth?

Rhonda payment 1.jpg
Raiding the campaign treasury on Oct. 1 for $2,216.71

Rhonda payment 2.jpg
Raiding the campaign treasury again on Oct. 9 for another $2,216.71
Rohrabacher, a Costa Mesa resident who is a chest-thumping warhawk nowadays but carefully avoided all military service--especially any combat duty--during the Vietnam War, first ran for Congress in 1988 on the platform that he would serve no more than six years in Washington, D.C. as a way to prevent his corruption.

I'm money-hungry sly, ain't I?
On Nov. 6, he will take the office--and all the lucrative pay and perks--for his 25th and 26th years on the term limits platform.

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I saw Mr Dana Rohrabacher on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight and was both amazed and flabbergasted at what this guy spewed from his mouth.  I just had to look online for references to him and again was amazed at what he has done in the past, as shown by your OC website.  Such a scary person to have representing your constituency.  I'm so sorry for you folks...really.....


Ya know, didn't the "Patriot" draft dodger sign the old "Contract with America" promising to stop career politicians with term limits 21 years ago. what did we the people get out of that contract? Oh yea, welfare was cut for poor people with children and the funds were increased about 1000% for corporate welfare...  Why can't the OC Democratic or Independent Parties come up with ANY viable candidate to run against this leach?


Sheriff Mike Carona was re-elected just before he was forced out so maybe there is hope but it is amazing how Orange County voters don't seem to be paying attention at the switch.


I am a Congressman and I can do anything I want.  I voted myself a raise while you folks on Social Security got nothing. Yes, I voted to keep my own healthcare  while you folks get Obamacare. Yes, I voted myself a $200,00 per year pension while you folks get Medicare. Just wait until next year for what I am going to charge you for in 2013 and and 2014 as you will be paying over $250 per month. I am not called  Do Nothing Dana for Nothing.


I remember him standing in front of the infamous BP oil spill in Huntington Beach and giving a ringing endorsement for off shore oil drilling.


Meanwhile along the oily coastline there, friends were bagging dead birds or taking them if alive to be cleaned and thoroughly vetted.


This chicken hawk IS part of the problem.


 @HeatherM The County & State did not go after Carona, The US attorney did...

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