Dana Rohrabacher Was A No Show at Laguna Beach Election Forum

Brandon Ferguson
Waiting for Rohrabacher
Last night the League of Women Voters Orange Coast hosted a candidates' forum for Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and his Democratic Party challenger Ron Varasteh

But instead of partisan fireworks and lively debate, political junkies were instead met with a dud. 

Was Rohrabacher, who never showed up, lost at a nearby bar slamming tequila shots?

The congressman's lack of manners left the stage at the Laguna Beach City Hall to Varasteh, a wet-behind-the ears former Occupier with the political acumen of a high school civic's student. 

Brandon Ferguson
Still Waiting...

The organizers didn't seem to have a clue about Rohrabacher's whereabouts and just past 7 p.m., the moderator suggested proceeding without him.

"Anyone have his cell phone?" someone in the audience shouted.

Sitting next to Rohrabacher's empty chair, Varasteh answered audience questions about  immigration reform, the environment and social security. 

At times, several in the crowd of 50 or so people used "sparkle hands" in lieu of applause to signal their approval of his answers. They also frequently offered gentle corrections as he gaffed throughout the hour-long forum, (Social Security was established in the 1960s? Bernie Sanders or Bernie Madoff?)

But his elementary political perspective was best demonstrated when answering a question about how he would deal with homelessness.  

"We need to straighten out the social safety net," Varasteh said. 

Safety net indeed. 

Forgive the cynicism, but it sounds like Occupy, the leaderless movement whose idealistic vision of obliterating economic disparity began more than a year ago with so much promise, has produced yet another dud in addition to Greg Diamond and his embarrassing, woeful run for the state senate in Brea. 

Perhaps Rohrabacher, who espoused the need for six year term limits when first elected--in 1988--felt he should graciously yield the floor to the less experienced candidate. Being given the chance to speak unopposed must have seemed odd to Varasteh, who cited Rohrabacher's penchant for filibustering. Sadly, no one spoke up to remind Varasteh that only senators filibuster, and that Rohrbacher is a representative.

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@djB_MonEy Gracias for RT!


"At times, several in the crowd of 50 or so people used "sparkle hands" in lieu of applause to signal their approval of his answers."


Of course they did ....it was Laguna Beach.


Mr. Pumpkinhead has never come across as the brightest bulb in the woodshed. Upon opening mouth, he has hugely inserted foot ad nauseam (see Moxley stories ad infinitum). But is it possible he actually did something intelligent for a change? He skips the forum and gives his neophyte opponent rope to hang himself? (If so, undoubtedly advice/orders from above: "Uh, pal, we'd REALLY rather you didn't appear there and start, you know, blathering.)


Welcome to the disgusting results of the Prop 14 so-called 'Top Two' so-called 'Open Primary"! Republi - crats only, minority party and write in candidates SHUT OUT of the election that COUNTS! Two other OC elections will be MOOT with one candidate disqualified. Time to reject this failed experiment and REPEAL PROP 14! 


@OCWeekly thx 4 reporting facts Much love.

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