[PHOTOS: Bill Hunt Sign Evidence:] $1,000 Reward Offered for Destroyer of Laguna Hills City Council Campaign Signs

See Update No. 2 at the end of this post on photos Laguna Hills council candidate Bill Hunt provided of his knocked-down campaign signs.
See Update No. 1 on Hunt saying his signs have also been vandalized, that Bill Kogerman is trying to implicate his campaign in the destruction of other candidates' signs and that Kogerman is essentially the sign nazi of Laguna Hills.  
Bill Hunt
ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 8, 5:16 P.M.: Three of four Laguna Hills City Council candidates who had their campaign signs removed or destroyed Saturday are banding together to offer a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the vandal. The fifth candidate in the race for two open seats is Bill Hunt. San Clemente's retired police chief, an unsuccessful candidate for Orange County sheriff and recently suggested for the top cop slot for the shamed Fullerton Police Department, Hunt had none of his Laguna Hills campaign signs ruined.

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Babs Kogerman
Drawing attention to the reward for the destroyed signs is Barbara Kogerman, who wants Raghu Mathur, the former South Orange County Community College District chancellor, and Andrew Blount, a software developer, to join her on the Laguna Hills council. Mathur, Blount and Dore Gilbert, a physician and Army Reserve lieutenant colonel, are the candidates chipping in for the reward. The fourth candidate dealing with missing or defaced signs is A.J. Djowharzadeh, a small businessman who got 6 percent of the vote in his 2010 bid for a council seat.

The signs were vandalized along Paseo del Valencia and in the neighborhood bounded by Alicia Parkway and La Paz Road on the north and south, and Paseo de Valencia and Moulton Parkway on the eastern and western sides, according to a release Councilwoman Kogerman sent to the Weekly. Listed as the contact is her husband and 2010 campaign manager Bill Kogerman, a retired Air Force colonel and former current Orange County Great Park board director. [*corrected]

"Campaign signs are an exercise in free speech," Mathur is quoted as saying in the release. "If we put this down to pranksters or campaign business as usual, we put political speech at risk, and our freedom of choice suffers."

Sheriff's Lt. Tom Behrens, the Laguna Hills police chief, is taking the matter seriously, according to the Kogermans. The Orange County Sheriff's Department assigns lieutenants to serve as chiefs in individual contract cities. Hunt was a sheriff's lieutenant when he was chief of San Clemente.

Anyone with information about the destruction or removal of campaign signs in Laguna Hills is urged to contact sheriff's Deputy/Laguna Hills Police Officer Ryan Hoopii at 949.425.1900.

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949girl topcommenter

I live in Costa Mesa and I have been seeing these gigantic signs that say something like "support the 3 M's"...candidates that all have the last name starting with M.  Someone destroyed the huge tacky sign on my street that was covering a fence and some guy was out taking pictures of it, like as in evidence.  I think he was probably going to call the police.  It made me laugh. 

Last election I did steal a sign from my neighbor about Prop 8 just because I knew it would piss him off and he bought another one and duct taped it very tightly and I would always see him checking to see if his sign was ok.  It was really funny how serious people are with their signs.


Time to apply Occam's Razor ... Bill Hunt's garage needs searching NOW! God knows what else is in there ... Jimmy Hoffa / Flight 19 / Mike Carona's integrity / the Dodgers' offense?    


Maybe it was a bunch of local residents trying to remove your ugly signs from their beautiful neighborhood. ITS LITTER, VISUAL POLLUTION AND ANNOYING. YOU PUT UP HUNDREDS OF SIGNS. I PUT TWO GARAGE SALE SIGN AND SOMEONE TOOK IT DOWN. BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T LIKE SIGNS, THEY ARE UGLY! (of course if they were on someone's lawn that is different and I am not talking about those signs, which are still ugly but none of my business).

20ftjesus topcommenter

What are you trying to suggest, Coker?



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