William F. Blackhall, Ex-School Music Booster, Pleads Not Guilty to Possessing Child Porn

A former official with an Ohio high school's music booster club pleaded not guilty in Orange County Superior Court this week to possessing child pornography.

William F. Blackhall , 50, of Columbus, Ohio, was arrested in Newport Beach in July when a colleague on a business trip alerted authorities there was child porn on Blackhall's laptop.

An Orange County Sheriff's Department investigation uncovered more than 1,000 pictures, images and videos of young boys engaged in sexual conduct with other young boys, according to authorities.

Blackhall was arrested on July 25 and released after posting a $20,000 bond. He had been the volunteer vice president of the Hilliard Darby High School Music Boosters until Aug. 2, when school officials were notified of his arrest in California.

The Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) filed one felony count of possession and control of child pornography against him in late August. He pleaded not guilty on Monday and has a pre-trial hearing up next in October.

He faces up to three years in state prison with a conviction, according to the OCDA.

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How can this crime be worth a maximum of 3 years in jail?  Check out his facebook page - it is wide open and anyone can see it.  He has so many young children as his "friends" and his friends and family freely share stuff about their young children with him and worse yet - he has a son!  Deranged people like this should not get to see the light of day again - 3 years.... what does that really mean he will get, probation?  How can someone who actively works with children, arguably to gain access to them at our schools and school functions, not serve real time?  This is just sickening on every level.


Something is not right about the arresting and prosecuting agencies' failure to timely notify the public as it relates to William Franklin Blackhall's arrest on July 25, 2012. Whether he is guilty or not guilty, the public has/had a right to be informed the day he was arrested, July 25, 2012. 1000 potential child porn photographs and this man is only charged with ONE count of porn possession..... this smells big time! Who is this man, who does he know and does this have anything to do with the same secret backroom deals that obviously transpired relating to the recent arrest of David Andrew Lewis who was sentenced in 2007 for possession of child porn? As always, only the OC Weekly investigative journalists care enough about precious children to report on arrests that other OC law enforcement agencies try to cover up, for some unknown reason. Most disturbing is the fact that OC criminal court records at www.occourts.org reference Blackhall's physical description as blue eyes and brown hair, but records referring to OC Sheriff arrests on July 25, 2012, at http://www.jailbase.com/en/arrested/ca-ocsd/2012-07-25/#other describe Blackhall with black eyes and brown hair. So what is it? Is there anyone that may have been victimized by this man that cannot correctly identify physical descriptions because OC law enforcement are too busy playing politics and protecting their public image? Again, it appears that no one in a position to protect unsuspecting CHILDREN, gives a rat's ass about identifying anyone in possession of 1000 child porn photographs. Tragically, not one elected OC government official and/or law enforcement officials cares enough about the people they took an oath to serve, to do the right thing! Someone is obviously going to make money on these types of deals, whether it be the attorneys or the accused, or maybe the OC jail inmates that are mistakenly told an inmate is a child molestor. Both cases, recent arrests of David Andrew Lewis, and William Franklin Blackhall, need to be turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.... get the cases out of the politically corrupt Orange County, California courts. Thanks only to the OC Weekly for protecting the public!

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