After Wild Gang Attack On OC Family, Gangster Says She Is The One Who Was Wronged

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One night in August 2007, Westminster family members were minding their own business in the backyard of their residence, barbequing and drinking beer when two vehicles drove up and at least 15 hoodlums emerged screaming, "This is West Trece [criminal street gang]! This is our neighborhood!"

The gangsters--all males except for one--carried knives, ice picks, screwdrivers, shanks, bats, bricks, beer bottles, hammers, wrenches and pipes as they charged the house threatening to kill its occupants, according to law enforcement reports.

The victims of the melee that ensued saw the lone, 5-foot, 115-pound, female hoodlum throw a beer bottle that shattered when it struck a Chevrolet Suburban parked in the driveway. Flying glass slammed into the head of one of the victims. She then threw a lug wrench at the vehicle's windshield too.

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Seriously wounded family members were punched, beaten and stabbed--and the W-13 gangsters attempted to run them over with a Jeep before fleeing.

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Westminster Police Department 
officers found one of the getaway vehicles loaded with bloody weapons and hoodlums, including Rachel Angel Chavez.

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A 2008 Orange County jury agreed with prosecutors and police that Chavez was guilty of two counts of attempted murder, assault with deadly weapons, street terrorism and gang membership.

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A Superior Court judge sentenced her to prison, but Chavez appealed. According to her version, she had left her house with the other gangsters on the night of the crime and thought they were going to a pool hall for fun. She claimed that did not know her colleagues intended to attack the family and therefore she couldn't have formed the necessary criminal intent to be guilty. She also complained that a jury instruction may have confused jurors and prejudiced her.

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Chavez's trial judge rejected the complaints. A California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana rejected them too. Justices who reviewed the case determined that any trial errors, if any, had been harmless.

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But the hoodlum didn't give up. She filed a federal appeal and this week U.S. District Court Judge Valerie Baker Fairbank considered a report that concluded "there is no dispute that [Chavez] got out the car to provide backup for her companions, knowing that injury or death was a possible outcome of their actions." The report recommended dismissal of the appeal, a move Fairbank's accepted.

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Upshot: Chavez, 25, will continue to serve her 29-year punishment inside the lovely Central California Women's Facility at Chowchilla.

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Chavez: Wants penpals and romance while in prison
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Funny how people can be fed a story all twisted up and be stupid enough to be lieve it...try getting the whole story fucken idiots!!


Don't cry tampon...u really pay for it one day..


"OUR neighborhood??" WTF!!! I bet bet half 'em were illegal aliens anyway-- they don't have the right to be in ANY American neighborhood!


Hi Gustavo! I just love your articles! We are still working on erecting a bronze statue of your likeness at the front steps of Anaheim High School! Did you know, John Leos, gang mentality indoctrinated and gang member lifestyle sympathetic, was raised around his mother’s gang member relatives?Hardcore gang tattoos are visible on the hands and arms of John Leos’ family members. I cannot, and will not, vote to a council seat, John Leos, or anyone with gang affiliation. But I would vote for you Gustavo! I would make an exception because I just love your articles! James Robert Reade


Talk about taking one for the homies. 14 dudes ran like cockroaches and the chick will do a quarter +4.

20ftjesus topcommenter

Only 2 cars to hold 15 hoods?  Were these clown cars? 


"Okay, we're here!"


"Wow, this pool hall looks just like a house where people are barbecuing!"


I'd be the snarkiest judge ever.

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

 @JamesRobertReade Hey, James: You better start making sense with your comments—and not post non-sequitors—or I'll boot your ass outta our comments section faster than logic leaving your brain every second you breathe.


@GustavoArellano @JamesRobertReade Gus some pendejos don't deserve a warning. 86 JaimeRobertoLeer!


@GustavoArellano Gracias por ser amable! Thank you for giving me a warning! I am so lucky you offered to give me the boot and not an ice pick! James Robert Reade

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