Tustin Red Cobras Pee Wee Football Popped with Pop Warner Suspensions for Bounties

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Move over, New Orleans Saints.

And look down.

Joining the once-mighty NFL team in the Hall of Shame for having a bounty program is the Tustin Junior Pee Wee Red Cobras.

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Head coach Darren Crawford and league president Pat Galentine have been suspended as National Pop Warner investigates allegations that surfaced in the Orange County Register.

Parents of players on the 2011 Red Cobras team of 10 and 11 year olds told the Santa Ana daily that Crawford and then-defensive coordinator Richard Bowman offered cash payments for big hits in Pop Warner playoff games against Yorba Linda, Santa Margarita and San Bernardino.

In the Santa Margarita game, a defensive player received a cash bonus for knocking a running back out of the game, it was further alleged. That kid suffered a mild concussion.

Tustin Red Cobras
The Red Cobras finished last season 12-1 and advanced to the Pop Warner Super Bowl in Florida
"In light of new information and players coming forward who did not participate in the league investigation, National Pop Warner will intervene to further investigate the alleged bounty program in Tustin Pop Warner," Executive Director Jon Butler reportedly the Register.

The suspensions do not cover Bowman as he has left pee wee coaching. As for the Red Cobras soldiering on without their head coach, I understand Sean Payton is available.

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Since when does a football organization for 7 to 11 year olds need a fucking SUPER BOWL? Jesus, you think that the whole Pop Warner thing has gotten out of hand?


So, you're using the OCR as a source but at every turn, you bash it as an inferior newspaper. Typical.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

 @Debaser7 Fact: OCR published the claims of parents. Fact: Pop Warner then issued suspensions. I could ignore Fact #1, and just report Fact #2 like it came out of thin air, as OCR does when OC Weekly is in the driver's seat. That's what makes them inferior. Plus, God loves us better.

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