Travis Allen Nabs Key Little Saigon Endorsements in California Assembly Race Against Troy Edgar

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Allen picks up key endorsements for Vietnamese vote
In a week when we learned that Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar cheated in his ill-fated congressional campaign earlier this year, Republican Travis Allen--Edgar's opponent in a state Assembly race--picked up key, bipartisan endorsements in Little Saigon.

At a Sept. 27 event, Joe Dovinh, a Democrat, and Dr. Long Pham, a Republican, announced that they are backing Allen for the seat that will represent Westminster, Garden Grove, Long Beach, Seal Beach, Fountain Valley and Los Alamitos in Sacramento.

The move of Dovinh and Pham, both of whom also ran for the seat during the primary, is an unmistakeable slap at Edgar, who won the most votes in the June election.

Allen, a rookie candidate, came in second, but that was before the public learned that the mayor has a serious character problem.

"I am supporting Travis Allen because he is the candidate that will work to bring everyone together for the betterment of our community and state," said Dovinh, according to an Allen press release. "Allen is a consensus builder and his campaign is a perfect example of how Allen can get members of different parties to come together."

Dr. Pham hailed Allen--a successful, Huntington Beach financial adviser--as the best candidate to aid small businesses, improve public education and fight tax hikes.

Allen also enjoys the endorsement of Van Tran, the former state Assemblyman who challenged Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, an Anaheim Democrat, in the last election and lost.

Little Saigon voters could make or break the campaign for either candidate.

Travis Allen Joe Dovinh Long Pham pic.jpg
Dovinh, Allen and Pham
Hours after Edgar told me on Sept. 25 that he had fully complied with federal election disclosure and contribution laws in his failed 2012 congressional campaign, he filed an amendment with the Federal Election Commission that revealed a $5,668 expense. He was eight months late and still has not revealed who paid the bill.

Brandon Powers, Edgar's ex-campaign consultant, told the Weekly that the mayor hid the expense--the largest of the failed campaign--to mask that it had been paid for with an illegal, corporate contribution.

You can read that story HERE.

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We already know how the people have voted before because we have a Primary result. So what are the raw numbers?


Those raw numbers are:

Edgar: 18,060

Allen: 37,692 (Allen + Dovinh + Pham)


That is a difference of 19,632 votes. In order for Edgar to get ahead of Allen he would need to convince 9817 of those people who already voted against him once to vote for him. Now he could reduce that by getting people that didn’t vote in the Primary to vote for him in the General, but Allen is trying to get those votes as well. So, even if they split those votes 70-30 in Edgar’s favor, the numbers don’t add up to a win.


Then we have the low information voter who is going there to vote for Romney or Obama. They look at the race and see two Republicans. Their vote doesn’t seem to matter here, and they don’t care. We already know that these voters overwhelmingly vote for the first name on the ballot. And that name is… Allen. This is generally worth up to a 10% bump (don’t believe me, just ask Dovinh who lost to Allen because the other (D) was the first (D) listed in the Primary). So Edgar will also have to overcome the Low Information Voter 10% BUMP that Allen will get.


The sound you hear in the wings is the fat lady warming up.


Also, there are other things in the works that could have an outcome on this election. A letter sent to a Los Alamitos City Councilman requested to know the details of part of the Solid Waste Franchise Agreement that Edgar voted for once, then had a Superior Court Judge say that he didn't follow the Municipal code on, so Edgar and his majority changed the City Municipal Code and voted for the same contract again. In the agreement the contract states that CDS will pay a assured$75,000 in sales and use tax to the City of Los Alamitos every year, even if they do not have the $7,500,000 in sales and use. In that case they will make up the difference in what the Board of Equalization sends to the City of Los Alamitos and the $75,000. But according to the Board of Equalization (per the honest City Councilman) that is NOT a sales and use tax. So, if that is a tax then it is a tax in violation of Prop 218 (and remember Edgar not only voted for it twice, but changed the City Municipal Code in order to do so). Of course it may not be a tax and may just be a kickback (also commonly referred to as graft). In order to clarify the question, since it is know known from the Board of Equalization that the money collect directly from CDS that does not pass through the Board of Equalization is NOT a sales and use tax, the question has been forwarded to the Attorney General's office.


Who knew Travis was so correct when he labeled Edgar "Tax'n Troy"?


Sometimes it is better to keep a low profile rather than raise it and let everyone see who you really are.


We want to know if Mr. Allen's going to endorse Proposition 37, the ballot measure to label genetically modified food?

I have prostate cancer as do several of my buddies at the course. Turns out genetically modified milk has a lots of a chemical in it that is like throwing gasoline on cancer, of the breast as well, it speeds it up. Wish I'd known that crap was in all the milk I drank.

"Milk, Does a Body Good", yeah right!

My daughter practically forced me to watch this movie,"Genetic Roulette", I sat down and thought I can do a crossword while watching it, after a while I put down the pencil and made her back it up to watch parts of it again.

It's called "Genetic Roulette, The Gamble of Your Life" in case I didn't get this right.

It explains why our neighbor's kid has allergies and another one might be Autistic. Why some of  us are waiting forever for grandchildren. It's the crap in the food. I want it labeled so I don't have to spend the rest of my life buying nothing but organic food.

The state legislature isn't doing shyit about labeling. The federal government isn't either, so it took a grandmother from Redding to start the petition to get it on the ballot.

How about it Mr. Allen? What's your position on 37?


Bringing a sharp and honest businessman to the CA Assembly will help dig us out of this fiscal calamity. WTG Travis!

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