Steve Lodge, Anaheim Council Candidate/Brutal Cop, Fails to Get OC GOP Endorsement Despite Being GOP Establishment Choice

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Lodge: Ain't smiling this morning!
Can it be that the Republican Party of Orange County is finally allowing brain matter to enter their skulls?

Last night, the Central Committee announced their endorsements--this following a meeting a couple of weeks back in which candidates did a song-and-dance before them about why they were the true conservative candidate while their opponents were evil Loretta Sanchez lovers. One of those candidates was brutal cop Steve Lodge, who's running for Anaheim City Council. He's the favored candidate of former Anaheim mayor/Whitest Man Alive Curt Pringle, failed blogger (and sex-victim outer) Matt Cunningham, and others of the GOP establishment.

Despite such heavy hitters, Lodge wasn't able to secure an endorsement--mostly because there are pictures of him as a bona fide Loretta lover.

You'll have to visit the indispensable Save Anaheim blog for the photographic proof, but the wacko Central Committee went gangsta on Lodge last time around, so much so that Lodge withdrew his endorsement request last night during the final round (the endorsements for Anaheim city council went to some guy named Brian Chuchua and former councilwoman Lucille Kring, who used to be a good person but has transformed into a Know Nothing).

All together now: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Of course, this doesn't mean Anaheimers are out of the woods yet when it comes to Lodge; he still does have the support of Disney and the powerful Taormina family. But how pathetic of a candidate are you supporting when his own party won't stand by him?

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If you want the real nitty gritty about why Lodge went into "duck and cover" mode,  I posted over at ThinkOc blog, using a live-blog post from OCPolitical and exposing Lodge's imaginative answers,line by line. Does he really think nobody is watching?


Seems while doing that song and dance for the GOP Endosements Committee Steven Albert Chavez Lodge just may have been "saving the truth for later" in some of his answers. Like...he never violated Police department policy...or that he did not take union money contrary to the GOP "Baugh Manifesto" (admittedly a stupid, toothless policy designed to ensure that only Baughs's friends and/or those with their own money get elected, since it strips union money from Republican campaigns but fails to replace it with Republican money unless Baugh says so) so either you stand up to Baugh and tell him you are going to take the union money and he can pound sand (ala Leos) or you toe the line and refuse to even meet with the unions (ala Chuchua) but you do NOT take the money, refund back SOME of it, and then lie about having never taken any. 


Why did Lodge cut and run? While the Endorsement Committee declined to take a stand for either candidate, Lodge had the opportunity to plead his case before the entire Central Committee Monday night, as did Chuchua. Brian Chuchua showed up and explained the bits and pieces they were concerned about, Lodge did not show up at all (as opposed to having shown up LATE for the Endorsement Committee.) Some believe it is because he knew he would lose, but in court he was up against a Tentative Judgement that ruled against him in BOTH arguments and he showed up and managed to back the judge down on one item, why not do the same here? Could it be that he did not want to own what appears to be a fictional account of his campaign? 


The guy is getting pounded, those who had been supporting him are suddenly sporting Jordan Brandman lawn signs, all perky and colorful, and quite ALONE on those swaths of green Anaheim lawn, minus the Lodge signs that should have been beside them. 


Perhaps he is getting a clue, the only thing Anaheim hates worse than carpetbaggers is lying, special interest purchased carpetbaggers. 


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