[UPDATED with I.D.:] Santa Ana Police Officer Shoots Parolee Toting Large Handgun

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See the update at the end of this post identifying the alleged gunman.

ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 10, 10:09 A.M.: It's not often that a parolee carrying a large gun can confront a police officer, get shot multiple times and live to talk about it. But that's what Santa Ana Police are saying about the man in his 30s now being treated at UCI Medical Center after the incident early today.

A suspicious vehicle report had sent the officer to an alley behind a coin-op laundry business at 3005 S. Bristol St., near Segerstrom Avenue, around 12:20 a.m. 

As the cop approached the vehicle, which turned out to be stolen, the man inside got out holding the weapon, according to Santa Ana Police, who add the officer, feeling threatened, fired on the gunman.

Early morning video run on local television showed a large gun next to the sheet that had covered the parolee, a weapon police say they have recovered.

Police say the wounded man is expected to survive his injuries.

UPDATE, SEPT. 11, 9:07 A.M.: The man who was shot by a Santa Ana Police officer early Monday has been identified as Marcelino Valenica Almanza, 39, Anaheim.

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Marcelino Valenica Almanza
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Whats wrong Santa Ana? Fullerton cops would have killed him!

RocketJ topcommenter

Possible explanations, parolee was late for a klan meeting, early for Halloween, was only mostly dead or was actually dead. If the latter keep an eye out on ebay or craigslist for "Shroud of Santa Ana"


20ftjesus topcommenter

They covered him with a sheet and he wasn't dead yet?  HA!

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