Robert A. Schuller, Former Crystal Cathedral Pastor, Defaults on His Million-Plus Laguna Home

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Robert A. (at left) with Robert H., in wealthier times
Wow, how the saga of the Schullers of Crystal Cathedral gets...well, not sadder and sadder, because the family had millions upon millions of dollars for decades, but downright pathetic.

We all know about Robert H. Schuller's mismanagement of the empire he created to the tune of having to declare bankruptcy, and the laughable efforts of his daughter and second successor Sheila Schuller Coleman to restart the magic at AMC 30 at the former Block at Orange, but the one that seemingly got away at the right time, former heir apparent Robert A. Schuller, has put up his house off Three Arch Bay for a short sale, because he can't afford the two mortgages he put on the home.

Wait, weren't holy men supposed to live lives of poverty? (No, as a stupid Catholic pedophile apologist once told me; I'm thinking of Dominicans--and he wasn't referring to the Order!)

See also:

Now THAT'S Christianity!

Orange County Register business reporter Jeff Collins (who is, as Howard Stern puts it, a friend of the show who's always had nothing but good things to say about us) published the great scoop yesterday, revealing that Schuller is delinquent by $60,000 on his mortgage and getting the great quote from the former rising star in Christianity that he didn't want to stay in the home because "the house is falling apart," as Shakespearean a metaphor as you'll ever read. There's supposed to be a foreclosure action for the place, but Robert A. told Collins he's found a buyer. Schuller, of course, left his father's side and riches in 2007 for reasons that have never been made clear.

You might remember in April that our dearly departed Josh Dulaney wrote about how Robert A. and his wife Donna were offering to rent out their house as a bed-and-breakfast for tourists, and we all had a good laugh over that. Now it makes sense: they were trying to save their home. Usually, we'd laugh with schadenfreude, but we've actually spoken with Donna before, and she ain't no beeyotch like, say, Jan Crouch.

Hey, Schullers: I know a great 1 BA/1BB apartment in the sketchy part of SanTana where you can start over...

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Fuck!  Jebus cannot pull a miracle to save his beloved blowhole?


I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh.--Proverbs 1:26


I hope the asshole gets some terminal disease, suffers, and lives for a long time

20ftjesus topcommenter

Amazing.  This clown preacher can't even manage his own mortgage how do you expect him to manage a flock of sheep?


reminds me of bill clinton counting his old tighty whities as a charitable donation on his irs forms.

at least obama gave 1/2 of a %


@GustavoArellano classic! Weren't they schullers paying for the houses with a "house" allowance from the church anyways.


@GustavoArellano giving me flashbacks to gene scott singing "kill a pissant for jesus" in the early 90s. thanks for that.


What happened to rendering onto Caesar what is Caesar's?

JBinOC topcommenter

I read that quote about the house "falling apart" in the OCR this morning, and thought it was just the epitome of arrogance. Of course, Robert A., nothing is ever your's always something else. Does anyone know anyone at Bank of America who can nix the short sale and fast track a foreclosure...something banks do routinely to humble laypeople who believe they can't walk on water?


@GustavoArellano Hey check "La Poblana" en Orange ,best Torta de Tamal Verde ever!


@GustavoArellano where you at? I'm at super Antojitos in Tustin!!'

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