Michael Stephen Baker, LA Pedophile Priest, Arrested at For Being at Resort Pool Surrounded by Kids

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Baker--heckuva job, Brownie!
The last time we wrote about Michael Stephen Baker, the pedophile priest was arrested in November of last year for violating his probation for kiddie-fiddling. Turns out he violated his probation again, this time on August 17, when probation officers found him discovered he was at next to a swimming pool where kids were swimming, according to sources who spoke to the Weekly.

But the pool wasn't just at any ol' plunge--it was at the tony Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach.

He's currently serving a four-month term for violating his probation. And what was the probation for? Baker pleaded guilty in Los Angeles Superior Court in 2007 to 12 felony counts of oral copulation with a person under the age of 18 for abusing two boys he met during the 1980s. His original sentence was 10 years, but California justice being as skewed as it is, he was released just last year.

Once a pedophile priest, always a pedophile priest--heckuva job, Brownie!

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What gave him away? Was he the only guy in the kiddie pool with a tent in his shorts? Either that, or the speedo he was wearing.

BillxT topcommenter

Hm, according to Tehuanahechada if you point out that there are scum hiding behind the reversed collar, you're a (loosely) fucking pig ("pinche Puerco"). Must be a usage of "fucking pig" I'm not familiar with.


What part of, that some don't get, that people who are chartered to protect the weak and innocent that harm their wards are the worst kind of scum on the earth?


Keep up the good fight, Gustavo, there are those of us that DO get it.


It must be nice to be able to afford to stay and play at the Pelican Hill Resort.....



Would chemical castration be cruel and unusual for these pigs?


These child predators need to be kept far away from innocent kids forever...

Thankfully the police are watching him and the church officials should be watching him and keeping him away from kids too.




One can only wonder who is financing this sexual predator's lifestyle.... and it is a dirty shame that Bishop Brown continues to exploit the affluence of many OC Catholics to pay for his and his high-priced attorneys' total disregard for children and their families. Still asking for money to build another monstrous Catholic building that will house more fraudulent activities orchestrated by the rich and famous OC Catholics. Frolicking in the pool at a resort... WOW, Brownie and Mahoney must be so proud!


We can see from the behavior of Michael Baker that the men who were "cut loose" by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Cardinal Roger Mahony are still a !!significant!! risk to children across southern California. Until the bishops do the right thing, they will forever be responsible for the children hurt by the priests they recklessly and knowingly foisted on society.

If you have been abused or have seen or suspected abuse, call law enforcement. Help is available. You can save lives.

Joelle Casteix

SNAP Volunteer Western Regional Director 

jcasteix (at) gmail.com

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