Racist Tips to Avoid Being Busted For Smoking Pot?

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"7 Steps to Smoke Pot and Never Get Caught" was written by Russ Belville and posted on Alternet back on Sept. 13. It's still making the rounds on the internet right now, though, and came to my attention via the Orange County NORML discussion board. 

The post contains some practical advice on how not to get arrested for smoking weed, and a lot of it is familiar ground for the average stoner. Stuff like: don't pass a pipe back and forth if you're on the bleachers at a  rock concert or some other outdoor event, but use a joint. Don't dress like a hippie. 

That's the straightforward part.

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Perhaps because the very first tip Belville offers is "Be White," however, some earnest, medical marijuana activist-type people are calling the list racist. "Racist . . . not worth reading," remarked one such reader on the OCNORML board. 

It's hard to see the merit of that argument, seeing as how it's a well-known fact that, especially in large cities like New York, Los Angeles or Santa Ana, most people arrested for smoking weed are African-American or Latino. They're also overwhelmingly young, which probably explains why Belville's second tip is "Be Middle-Aged."

So is Belville being racist or just using humor to make a valid point about our justice system?

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20ftjesus topcommenter

What was the question?  I smoked a great, big, ol' fatty of this Super Lemon Haze.  I don't even know where I am.  Wooooooo. 

paullucas714 topcommenter

I think hes making a valid point about the system.

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