[UPDATED] Orange County Prosecutors Oppose Prison Release For Paul Crowder, 1991 Anaheim Prom Night Killer

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Cosman: Robbed of her life on prom night in Anaheim 

[Updated at end of this original Sept. 18 post] Paul Crowder has never taken responsibility for getting drunk and murdering Berlyn Cosman, a 17-year-old high school student on her Anaheim prom night in 1991, but he wants a California parole board to vote to release him back into society on Sept. 19.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas this afternoon issued a cautionary press statement opposing the release and dispatched Paul Chrisopoulos, one of his veteran prosecutors, to attend the hearing.

A parole board granted Crowder--who committed the crime at 19, is now 40 and is serving a 15 years to life sentence--release from prison in 2010, but then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger took a break from entering his maid to block the move.

Grab your seat. 

In 2011, the parole board again voted to release Crowder and Schwarzenegger's replacement, Jerry Brown, vetoed the move--probably after having the governor's office thoroughly cleaned from the aging, D-level actor's remaining bodily fluids.

Rackauckas says he believes that Crowder still poses a risk to society.

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Matt Coker, my Weekly colleague, has previously written about the case. Go HERE to read his detailed report.

We'll update the story after the hearing.

UPDATE, Sept. 20: Rackauckas' stance won. A state parole board voted today to block Crowder's release back into society. He can renew his parole request in five years.

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Kudos to the OC District Attorney for expending prosecutorial efforts to protect the public from an individual who was convicted and served his prison time for his crimes. 


However, based on Orange County, California court records at www.occourts.org, former Corona del Mar HS and PVHS teacher Mathew Macul Fahey, pled guilty to possession of child porn, lewd conduct on Friday, September 21, 2012, and was IMMEDIATELY sentenced to a California state prison.


Fahey was held in the Orange County jail since sometime in March - April 2009, 3 meals a day and rent-free, thanks to California's taxpayers.  Why did it take over 3 1/2 years for a guilty plea and is there a reason why the OC District Attorney did NOT issue one of its media releases informing the public of Fahey's guilty plea and prison sentence?


There is no rhyme or reason how the OC District Attorney manages prosecutorial decisions, especially as it relates to public safety and a former teacher's crimination proceeding.  If there were other victims of Fahey who fear speaking out or reporting a crime, it would be important for the OC District Attorney to notify the public.  Let's hope that the DA's office was too busy with other matters on Friday to notify the public re Fahey's sudden guilty plea, after 3 1/2 years of free meals and rent. 

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